Father’s Day is next Sundayand there is still time to order this leather wrap bracelet with a silver Baby. As a special in honor of the Dad’s we love, engraving is included for all 6 sides of the lock. What would you say? #marlaaaronjewelry #lockiton #fathersday #nobrainergift Order must be received by Monday EOD to insure delivery.

So when I first made my #earcufflings I honestly didn’t think I was making them for me. I make design lots of pieces that I love personally but I don’t necessarily wear myself. This is not unusual. What is strange is I honestly never take them off. Never. I even take my wedding ring off when I do Bikram but not these. You actually forget they are on and then you get a little glimpse of them and they are just right. But of course I’m biased. #marlaaaronjewelry #lockiton #nevertakethemoff