Wobbly day. But I made it to lunch. Just another 6-7 hours until I get home and lock myself in my room. God I wish I had a counsellor or psychiatrist, someone to talk to who wouldn’t necessarily find it a burden because it’s they’re job. I can’t talk to anyone other than my GP atm because I just annoy people (like I’m doing now lmao) or think I annoy people and, yeah, you get the idea. I’ll stop now. Sorry for all the negativity today.

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I already posted a Warfstache selfie, but I need to say something:
Today was absolute shit. Not gonna lie on that. As soon as I got home, I locked myself in my room and cried for a bit.

Then I started watching markiplier videos (specifically the panel). That was the first time I really smiled today, and I really needed it.

Thank you, markiplier. Thank you so much.


Times when ER made my heart hurt and ruined me emotionally

Mark Greene’s death

"When I started I was just a kid and his laptop."

  • Two topics I hate talking about:My job status and my weight/appearance.
  • Two topics my parents bring up in every conversation:My job status and my weight/appearance.

Scientists say every action initiates an equal and opposite reaction. I say that’s just the start. I say every action initiates a most unequal and upredictable chain reaction, that every filament of living becomes part of a larger weave, while remaining identifiable. That every line of latitude requires several stripes of longitude to obtain meaning. That every universe is part of a bigger heaven, a heaven of rhythm and geometry, where a heartbeat is the apex of a triangle.  -Ellen Hopkins, Triangles