A quintessential British finish

Last day of the semester featuring a Prince of Wales suit made up from a sublime 13 oz H. Lesser cloth in a distinctive British cut - a fairly structured chest, a pinched waist, slight roping on the shoulders and of course double vents. Rounding out things are a regimental tie and a simple cream pocket square from Turnbull & Asser. 


Aye, we’ve travelled far up North to bring you the best of tartans. Lochcarron Mill is the world’s leading tartan manufacturer. For our signature autumn/winter 2012 tartan suits, we’ve turned to the traditional Black Watch and Modern Brodie swatches. Whilst the earliest mention of “Highland tartan” dates to 1538, it wasn’t until 1815 that the Highland Society of London solicited Scottish clan chiefs to provide authentic samples of their clan tartans. The Scottish Register of Tartans maintains a database of up to 7,000 designs. There is also TartanWeb, an archive, open to all. Tartan week is slowly drawing to a close at our Kew HQ, but these bits and pieces of information will surely provide enough stimulation for endless weekend browsing. Long live tartan!