The lights have gone up, the music starts, and the line gets shorter and shorter. Your heart is beating out of your chest and not matter how many times you’ve done it your mind begins to race with all the things that could go wrong. Your up now, as you wait in the wing you can here all the cameras flashing. With a slight tap on the shoulder your off! You forget about everything you still have to do that day, all your life problems just seem to float away, because for that one moment it’s all about you. You walk with a sense of ownership over the room. Your eyes lock with the media frenzy waiting at the end. As you take your last step off the runway you let it all sink in. Then your off again you have 120 seconds till you have to walk again. You franticly change with the help of your dresser. You zip your shoes as you walk to the wing. WALK WALK WALK they yell as you take one final breath to compose yourself. As you exit the runway in your last look a sigh of relief is exhaled. YOU SURVIVED!!!