We will be rocking the Central West End #localsocial tonight with a contortionist, jugglers, fire performer and dream analysis! Come out and say hi! (at Central West End)


One day we’ll put a professional voiceover on this - in the meantime, nice visualisation of LocalSocial by Yellow - Localsocial Visualisation Social Networks.mov (by navillusoneas


Talk on Software @ Engineers Ireland

We’re giving a short talk at the Engineers Ireland event this week, covering tips, guidance and advice for software developers / small startups. It’s under the heading “Building Software Fast and Well”. Three speakers linked up: 

  • Oisin Hurley - Co-founder, Vigill 
  • Ciaran Kennedy – Founder, Chillistore Technologies
  • and me…

Hope to see you there! Slides from my section are below, plus I’ve included a longer list of “every tool we use” just for reference at the end of this post. 

Software Development Engineers Ireland

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The full list of all tools (a dump of everything we can think of) is here.