Sushi Excellent

NY is a great place to try new foods. During vacation last month, I had it set in my mind that I would try a new restaurant as often as I could. One day I was walking around in Hells Kitchen and couldn’t believe the amount of restaurants there were. I would’ve loved to stop and try them all.

My cousin had been telling me about this place in Staten Island called Sushi Excellent. I told her that I was definitely interested to try it out. We decided to order take out and make it a movie night at home. We ordered Kani Salad, Kaniza, Scorpion King Roll, Coconut Shrimp Roll, Spicy Kani Roll and Shrimp Tempura. we also had a bottle of Sweet Red Wine to go with our meal.

The Kani Salad is made with Kani (crab), cucumber, masago & mayo. This was the first time I had this kind of salad and it was so delicious. The Kaniza is fried crab dumplings, they look like crab rangoons. The Scorpion King is made with avocado & soft shell crab inside, topped with spicy kani crunchy, masago & sweet soy. The Coconut Shrimp Roll is made with Coconut shrimp inside, topped with smoked lobster salad, avocado & masago, coconut wasabi drizzle. The Spicy Kani Roll is crab, and the Shrimp Tempura is fried shrimp.

By far this has been one of the best sushi restaurants I have tried. Definitely on my top list. Everything was on point as far as taste, decor and imagine, it was take out. I will definitely be visiting them again in my next trip out there. My only wish would be that they open one in Miami. Pricing was in the $$