Sophie’s Bistro: swoon-worthy vegan options in New Jersey!

I’ve been listening to friends and family rave about Sophie’s Bistro for years now. While they do “feature the best of fresh & locally grown produce including many herbs from our own garden,” as a classic French bistro there’s just never been any reason for me to visit (if you catch my drift).

Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I was tipped off to the fact that someone who works at Sophie’s is vegan and the next thing I knew there was a crepe festival happening (I love crepes) and the first offering listed was vegan! Of course I hightailed it right over for research purposes. [Ed. note: Abby is a dedicated scientist]

The savory crepe was both enormous and impressive: the leeks were slightly sweet and the mushrooms just earthy enough. Paired with a spectacular ratatouille, it goes without saying that I cleaned my plate.

While there were no other specifically vegan offerings on the menu, our waiter kindly and easily accommodated me with an appetizer by slightly modifying the salade de chevre chaud with endive, roasted beets, mixed greens in house vinaigrette to make it vegan-friendly without necessitating a fuss of any kind.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, he went beyond the call of duty by recommending a new, nearby vegan restaurant for dessert (review coming soon). THAT is a professional; I was really feelin’ the love, Sophie’s!

While I will most always choose a vegan restaurant over an omnivorous restaurant with vegan options, it’s important to me to support establishments that are earnestly trying to be more inclusive–particularly when their vegan options are as fantastic as this crepe. I’m so glad I finally had the opportunity to try Sophie’s; it’s a uniquely adorable and impeccably staffed gem.

I don’t know if they have any intention of including vegan menu items in the future, but I would like to point out that while vegans may choose not to partake in non-vegan offerings, everyone can enjoy a vegan dish. To Sophie’s and other omnivorous restaurants, I ask you to take this into consideration: not only will vegan options pique the interest of your regular diners, but their inclusion is sure to make the lone vegan in a group or family of omnis very happy. Not to mention that if you continue on a vegan-friendly path I will return soon, often, and with a pack of friendly Vegansaurs (including 89 if you’re into ferocious cute puppies on your outdoor patio).

No, I don’t want a Starbucks mug! I need a mug that tells people ‘I’m 100% locally grown’.

white woman, in Boulder, who is a daily regular at the 28th & Pearl Starbucks on the mug her mother wanted to buy for her

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This post isn’t very relevant to what I typically talk about, but something I feel strongly about is the welfare of the small guys. And after Hurricane Irene, a lot of these people’s livelihoods were entire wiped out.

Dozens of farms from my hometown and surrounding areas were completely destroyed from the flooding, and are still flooded. I know you New Yorkers might not think this pertains to you, but I know you all enjoy your tasty organic produce from the local supermarkets. Well, a lot of those veggies come from my neck of the woods, much of the produce you all find at the Union Square Market comes from the Black Dirt Region. These farmers need your help now. So take your time, visit their website Warwick Farm Aid, and see if there is anything you can do to help out these people and their families.

How the Black Dirt Region typically looks:

How it looks now:

And yes, those are all onions floating. Every single harvest was destroyed.


The greatest 30 seconds on Youtube

Farmer's Market!!!

I can’t wait until Sunday mornings because that is the day I go to the Farmer’s Market at the Great Park! This is my favorite farmer’s market because it is still fairly small, spaciously set up, AND has food trucks!!!

During the week I cook my own my meals and try not to go out so that I can NOM NOM NOM all weekend… especially at the Farmer’s Market!!

First stop… One Love Tea!!

So many delicious and LOCALLY-made tea blends!!

I got the Iced Green Tea Mojito!

Next stop… breakfast from the French Crepes food truck!!

I got the California Sunrise breakfast crepe… it has bacon, egg, cheddar cheese, avocado, and tomato wrapped up in a freshly made, warm crepe!

There was a long line at this food truck, Waffle-icious…. I will be trying that next Sunday!

Here’s their menu if you are curious to try Waffle-icious… maybe you can join me next Sunday!

After I picked out some fresh, locally grown produce, and got a hand car wash from one of the vendors… it was time for lunch!! I went to Street Foods Co. which is an absolutely DELISH food tent!

I got the Surf n Turf burrito! It has fried fish, shrip, cabbage, special sauce, and… well I don’t remember because I inhaled it. It is a DELISH fave!!!

I got some great fresh produce for cheap… the perks of going to the Farmer’s Market! I got oranges, tomatoes, chocolate basil, lemons, avocados and more for less than $30!!

And I got some sunflowers ($5) for my private oasis. This is where I enjoy all my home-cooked meals! Pictures of this week’s delish creations will be posted so make sure to visit throughout the week!!


Locally grown…butter lettuccceeee…