As if there weren’t enough reasons already to hate this vile little man:

Leading chef Gordon Ramsey explains exactly how to kill live lobsters and how it makes him feel. “You always feel better after killing something. I do… stab the head off a lobster. You feel all the better for it… God knows how many I’ve killed… plunge them into boiling court bouillon, and their tails flip up and they scream and you can hear their claws scraping on the sides, and I got great pleasure out of that.” (The Independent Magazine, 12th October 2003).


Let’s pay a visit to the Department of Extraordinary Lobsters and meet Santa Barbara, CA-based biologist Forrest Galante who recently discovered this awesome Pacific spiny lobster while free-diving in search of lobsters off the coast of Anacapa Island in southern California. The colossal crustacean, nicknamed Albert Girther, weighs 11.5 pounds and is estimated to be somewhere between 60 and 70 years old.

“I’ve been doing this for ten years and I’ve never seen a lobster as big as Albert Girther -– which is his name,” Galante told Barcroft TV. “I mean any lobster that can bear hug a man must be pretty huge and he had no problem with that.”

If you’re wondering where the lobster’s big front claws are, unlike the American lobsters found in the Atlantic, spiny lobsters have no front claws, but instead sport a magnificent pair of enlarged antennae.

After taking Albert for a brief stay at the Santa Barbara sea center as well as a visit to his home where he introduced the amazing arthropod to his family, including his dog, Galante transported the lobster to the safety of a marine reserve, where Albert immediately swam off, free to breed and continue living large beyond the reach of fishermen.

Click here for video footage of Albert Girther, the legendary lobster.

Images via Barcroft TV

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