Hi everyone. I hope you guys have/had a very awesome christmas! I hope santa brought you all lots of gifts! Since I’m in the christmas spirit and kind of bored I decided it was time for me to make a follow forever post. Without you guys I wouldn’t be reblogging from such talented people who share the same interest as me. I hate picking favorite blogs so instead of doing all that fancy ‘italics=fav blog’ or ‘bold=bffl’ stuff why not you all be my bffl’s and fav blogs.

(also i know i don’t reblog from half of you guys but i still follow you because you’re awesome!)

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Also a quick shoutout to my followers. You guys are really cool and awesome. And thank you to some of you guys for doing the 50 questions. I really appreciate you guys for taking time out of your day to answer them!

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Merry Christmas!!!

lobstersonopium asked:

Why is Origins better than 2? Is it gameplay or story that suffers in 2?

It’s gameplay and general…meatiness I suppose. In my opinion the story is just as good and the characters are better than Origins, there’s more depth to the companions and the love interests, but, it’s less epic, it’s a more self contained story and that means it feels a bit closed in and boxy at times. The environments aren’t as good as Origins either and are repeated so often it actually feels insulting after a while to have a character say “hey you need to go to this entirely new cave” and have it be the same EXACT cave as the last 10 caves you visited.

If you care more about story and characters you’ll still love it (heck, I still love it, it’s what got me in to the series) but if you really want to feel like you’re being swept up in a huge grand adventure it’s a little…lacking, compared to the other two. The structure is also weaker, it’s a lot of faffing about, rather than feeling like you’re actually doing important stuff and saving the world…

People have also complained that the combat has issues but as I play on casual and don’t care much about combat I can’t speak to if that’s true or not.

it’s still a good game though, and like I said the characters are fantastic. Still definitely worth playing. It’s just a little weak compared to the others. :p