Late Night Game Ramblings - Dead Island


Sometimes I can’t sleep. When that happens, I’ll keep a hazy journal of what games I play until my neurons stop firing for a few hours. This episode is Dead Island for the Xbox 360.

Tonight I wash clothes for tomorrow. At 11:30 pm. Which means a late night. All hope is not lost. I have company in the form of Dead Island. It’s been a few months since I last played and I want to see how the game dubbed “Oblivion with zombies” fares after the next iteration of Oblivion is out. A patch. A patch is always a good sign, unless you’re a Bethesda game. Cool, free ten point achievement for turning the game on 28 days after I last played it. Success? Forthwith.

Oh shit, I have no idea how to play any of these characters. I feel like at least one of them beat the game. Purna it is. When in doubt, always go with a strong black women. At first glance the graphics seem worse than I remember, but it slowly gets to be familiar. It still isn’t up to Skyrim level graphics, but they definitely hold up. It’s brighter and more vibrant, but that’s got to be because this takes place in a tropical resort and Skyrim takes place in Monty Python and The Holy Grail’s mud harvesting scene.

Then the truck comes. I forgot just how zeppelin like these trucks are. Hot wavy gravy, these control like I’m digging in the toilet full of crap because I dropped my watch in. On the positive side, Sam B. seems like he’s really interested in who does my voodoo.

Running over zombies is still fun. It takes a few whacks to get back into the groove, but I’m killing a few normal zombies when I come upon a thug. No problem, go for the arms. Maim him into submission, or I guess I got one shotted. The patch did warn that some weird level adjusting thing happened. Awesome. I had hoped this would last a bit longer but that’s just how it rolls. I guess I’ll check on my laundry and watch more Greg the Bunny.