THE END: Love's Not A Competition Chapter 23- An ICONic Boyz Fanfic

*This is the last chapter of Love’s Not A Competition.

 Lily’s POV   

   I never imagined the day Mikey Fusco loved me.

   Sure, I had little fantasies of the two of us kissing and saying ‘I love you’ and holding hands and being that couple everybody else watched. Being in that relationship every other girl wanted to be in.

   I just didn’t think it would come true. I kinda lost hope after that day.

   Now, here we were, just a few weeks later, and this was it. 

   We were together. 


    ‘Nick, you better watch out or somebody’s gonna steal your Video Game King title!’

   I smirked to myself as everybody else commented on Nick and me playing. 

   Our thumbs fiddled around faster, our eyes narrowing in concentration. The sound of the cars vrooming on the TV screen seemed to be getting louder in my head.

   Then, my car sailed past his and into the finish line.

   ’Aw yeah!’ 

   ’Damn, Nick! What happened to your game playing skills?’

   ’Yeah buddy, that’s my girl!’

    I grinned at Nick, who looked defeated. ‘I kinda hate you, Lily.’

   I laughed and punched his arm lightly. ‘You’ll get over it.’

   ’I ordered pizza, guys!’ Vinny called. 

   Immediately, the boys jumped up and raced outside.

   I got up from the floor and stretched. Everyone was downstairs already, getting ready to eat pizza and watch some movies. 

  Mikey and I were the only ones left in the room. ‘C’mon, Mikey, let’s go.’ I beckoned him to leave the room with me but he shook his head.

  He pulled me back into the room, shutting the door before pushing me up against it. 

  He closed in on me, pressing his body flush against mine. 

  A shiver ran down my spine, intensifying when his lips brushed my throat. I couldn’t help but tip my head back. I felt his lips curve into a smile against my skin. His hands crept up my dress, sliding up my skin. 

  It didn’t take a genius to figure out what Mikey had in mind. I was all for it, but seriously, in Nick’s room? With everyone downstairs? 

  ’C’mon, Mikey. Not here.’ I tried to nudge him off me but it seemed to spur him on. 

  His fingers now dipped past the waistband of my panties. My legs were becoming jelly, what with him slowly kissing his way up my throat and his fingers stroking my waist slowly.

  It was starting to feel much hotter, with his fingers so near and his lips all over my neck. He suddenly looked into my eyes and I was taken aback at how dark and intense his were. 

  I gulped when he began to grind against me. He was trying to break me, trying to get me to give in. My resolve was slowly dissolving, especially when he gripped my hips and pushed his pelvis into mine. I let out a small moan and he went in for for the kill.

  Mikey crushed his lips to mine, his tongue slipping into my mouth immediately.


  He slumped against me, slowly letting me down. My legs couldn’t exactly support me since they were all jelly so I leaned against the door. My mind was blown at how even more amazing it had been. 

  I looked down at Mikey, whose face was buried in the crook of my neck. I ran my fingers through his hair. He suddenly straightened up and pulled away from me. 

  ’What are you doing?’ I asked suspiciously. He pulled the condom off of his dick before slipping into a pair of boxers. 

  ’Getting revenge,’ he replied. He nudged me gently out of the way to open the door. 

  ’What the fuck are you doing, Mikey?!’ 

  He shot me a mischievous grin before disappearing. Well, I wasn’t going to miss this. I grabbed my panties and pulled them on. I was hooking my bra when I heard a scream. 

  I quickly ran down the stairs, only to find Vinny hopping about frantically.

   ’GET IT OFF!’ he shouted desperately. ‘NOW, PLEASE!’

   Nick was rolling on the floor, laughing his ass off. ‘Oh, c’mon, it’s just a condom!’ he choked out.

  I let out an exasperated sigh. ‘Way to turn off a girl, Mikey,’ I called out.

  Mikey shrugged. ‘I had to get my revenge.’ 

  I shook my head at him. Nick paused and looked at Mikey. ‘Wait. Did you guys just-‘

  Dani started laughing. ‘Holy shit, Nick, they did it in your room!’ 

  My cheeks turned red. Great. Now everyone knew. Madison hooted. ‘Get some, Spikey!’ 

  ’Hey! Did you use my condom?’ Nick demanded. 

  I shrugged. ‘It was on the desk and so we used it.’ 

   Dani guffawed. ‘You left it on the desk? Jesus Christ, Nick, your mum could’ve seen it.’ 

  ’Well, she didn’t, right? Anyway… That was my condom! No way can you fit my Trojans, Mikey!’ 

  Nicolette burst into laughter. 

  Mikey snorted. ‘Yeah, Nick, it was too small.’

   ’Burn!’ Skye hollered. ‘Nice one, Mikey!’ She reached over to high-five him. She paused and stared at her hand, realizing what she had done. ‘Please don’t tell me you-‘

  ’I did.’

   She shuddered. ‘Oh, gross. Ew. Yuck… That was still funny,’ she added as an afterthought.

  ’I try, I try.’ He smirked at Nick’s dumbfounded expression. 

  Dani patted her boyfriend’s head fondly. ‘Go and get some condoms, I’ll make you feel better about your dick.’ 

  Nicolette shuddered. ‘Too much information, guys.’ 

  Mikey scoffed. ‘Don’t act like such a prude, Nic! Pretty sure those sounds last night were you making Madison feel better about his dick.’ 

  Everyone was too busy laughing and had forgotten about Vinny. I glanced at the boy who was lying on the floor.

  ’Um, guys. I think Vinny passed out,’ I said loudly.

  Everyone turned to look at him. 

  ’Look at him, the poor bastard,’ Skye sighed. She got up from her seat and walked over to Vinny. She kneeled down and slapped him.

  He let out a muffled groan before slowing opening his eyes. ‘What’s going on?’ he mumbled.

  ’You passed out. The condom’s still on your forehead.’ 

  He froze. ‘Can you help me get it off?’ he asked Skye desperately, who scoffed.

   ’I’m not touching it!’ 


   She gave in and gingerly peeled the condom off his forehead. She stood up and nearly bumped into Jamie who had come out of the kitchen. 

   ’Whoaaa, hey, okay. Whose condom is that?’ she asked quizzically. Nicholas appeared behind her.

   ’Definitely not yours.’ 

   Nick groaned. ‘Is everyone getting it on in my house? This is… This is sickening.’

   Jamie glanced at me. I was sure both of us had the same bright red cheeks. I swear, you couldn’t keep anything from these guys.

   The doorbell rang just then.

   ’Pizza’s here!’ 

   I sighed in relief as Vinny opened the door and everybody’s attention turned to the pizza guy and the boxes in his arms.

   ’Sorry about that.’

   I jumped. Mikey was standing behind me. He wrapped his arms around me, kissing my cheek.

   ’Let’s go get some pizza.’


Mikey’s POV

   ’I bought you flowers.’

   I held out the bouquet of yellow roses. Lily’s eyes lit up and she took them from me. After smelling them, she threw her arms around me, pulling me in a for a hug. 

   ’Thank you,’ she whispered in my ear.

   I breathed in her cinnamon scent. The feel of her in my arms was so perfect. She pulled away, her arms still around my neck. She tiptoed and leaned forward to kiss me. I smiled against her soft lips and pulled her closer. 

   ’I love you,’ she said after we separated.

   ’I love you too.’ I kissed her forehead.

   ’Oi! Break it up!’ someone hollered. ‘Rivera, you’re up next!’ 

   I let go of her reluctantly. ‘Good luck!’ I called after her. She waved at me before disappearing behind the curtains.

   I quickly made my way out of back stage. Once in the audience, I sat at the end of our row, next to Nick. Before Lily started dancing, her dark blue eyes scanned the crowd. When they fell on mine, I smiled at her and she grinned back, making my heart race faster.

   And I just knew, deep down, that no one… no one, could compare to…

   To Lily.

   The end. 



Le documentaire Le nord au coeur présenté à Télé-Québec le lundi 11 février à 21h

"Louis-Edmond Hamelin est le pionnier de la géographie au Québec ainsi qu’un ardent défenseur de l’environnement et des droits des autochtones. Inventeur du concept de nordicité, Hamelin a consacré une grande partie de sa vie à l’étude du Nord et a créé plus de six cent termes pour le définir, dont plusieurs ont été adoptés par les dictionnaires de la langue française. Il a également répertorié plus de 50 types de neige et autant de types de glace… Il se place dans la lignée des grands explorateurs des régions arctiques."

(Mon billet sur le film, pour le webzine Ma mère était hipster)

The Tale of CYS

The Internet has countless webpages on it, spanning across endless bytes. Each click you make could take you to videos, pictures, discussions, and yes, even porn.

There is one webpage in particular, however. It is a Google Doc. It’s not public, though, so it could be a bit hard to find. You’ll have to find the right person. Say the right things. Ask the right questions. And you may get the URL, but don’t be surprised if you see a sad, defeated look in their eyes. They know what you’re getting into, and hopefully you will to.

You can then put that URL into the address bar, and upon that you will be taken to the Google Document you’e been searching for. You’ll see a list of words, said list spanning hundreds and hundreds of items and growing each day. It appears to be a list of movie titles.

If you want the jackpot, it’ll only take a quick search of the page. At the time of this writing, you’ll find it in between The Nightmare Before Christmas and The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure. There, deeply embedded into the list, you will find sitting there a solemn, lonely, but ever so-feared title: The Nutcracker 3D: The Untold Story.

Now you definitely know what you’re getting into.

Welcome… to Can You Survive.

Late nights and coffee || Naomi & Becca

Quietly, Naomi left the Gryffindor common room, pushing open the portrait and climbing out into the halls. She carried her book bag with her; as long as she was going to be in the library, she might as well try to get some homework done too. She was halfway to the library when she realized she’d forgotten the coffee that Becca had requested. She made her way back towards the Hufflepuff common room, but ventured down the stairs until she faced a large portrait of fruit. She tickled the pear, exposing the secret entrance to the kitchens. Naomi considered herself a bit of an adventurer. She was always exploring Hogwarts, and had found quite a few secret passageways and rooms.

She felt a slight tugging on her robe and glanced down, smiling at the small house-elf. “Hi Plonksy!” Plonsky bowed low, “It is very good to see you, Miss Naomi,” Plonsky squeaked, “Can Plonsky help you?” Naomi grinned, “May I please have a large mug of coffee? And perhaps some cookies?” She looked around the kitchen as Plonsky scurried off. He returned soon after with the items she had requested. Naomi thanked him profusely before waving goodbye to he and the other house-elves and heading to the library.As the mug of coffee she carried was more like a pot, she cast an undetectable extension charm on her bag, stowing the goods inside before entering the library. She smiled sweetly at the librarian, walking in without a problem. She glanced around, finally spotting Becca in a far corner of the room. She plopped down beside her. “Cookie?” She offered Becca one from the now deep recesses of her bag.