Let's make them jealous! Zayn & Perrie

Zain had talked to perrie on the internet and he wanted to see her in person.

He had heard a lot of things about her and her girl group,he had watched her on X factor and he had rooted for her. He thought she was the prettiest in the group and he couldnt wait to meet her in person actually. After she told him her address he went and showered,put on some nice outfits,jeans and a shirt in his case,and his leather jacket.He styled his hair neatly like always and put on a hint of after shave before checking himself out in the mirror,then grabbing his wallet,phone and keys and heading out to his car. He then drove over to Perrie’s place and knocked on the door,waiting for her to open up,he was pretty phyced,


Ay nomas 👊 que gol ⚽️🐺 #xolos #lmtj #estadiocaliente #iwanttogoback (at Estadio Caliente)


Rojinegros contigo hasta el final! #FuerzaTijuas #xolosoficial #tijuas #xolos #lamasakre #lamasakr3 #lmtj #contigohastaelfinal

Some updates...

First post of 2013, with some updates.

Il Coraggio Di Essere Suonati, a tribute to Laghetto, is finally out thanks to Impatto Sonoro webzine. I recorded & mixed Last Minute To Jaffna’s contribution, Avril Lavigne (the song, not the singer!). Check it out: http://www.impattosonoro.it/2013/01/09/news/aa-vv-il-coraggio-di-essere-suonati-un-omaggio-ai-laghetto/

Then, Tons’ MDS hit Perkele.it 2012 charts too, both on writers and readers poll. Congrats!

Last but not least: I’ll be doing FOH for the forthcoming Tons & Fugitive Tour, starting on Jan 25th at United Club in Torino and finishing on Feb 2nd at Iguana Club in Malè. See you down the road!