lmpala said:

Tag! Share ten facts about yourself and send this to your ten favorite followers! ;)


1. i love Bon Jovi they are the bestest 

2. i have never been to a concert b4 

3. i bought my first album a few months ago

4. i dont know what to write

4. i hate biology

5. i enjoy simpsons

6. im about to finish the 2nd season of twd

7. andrew lincoln is a baby

8. i should be studying

9. i think dw is kinda childish with alliens and stuff

10. im going to study now

lmpala said:

Tag! Share ten facts about yourself and send this to your ten favorite followers! ;)

aah i’m pretty boring but i’ll try to think of something!!

  1. my favourite socks are bright blue with funky cat designs on them that my gf bought for me :))
  2. i’m unhealthily obsessed with online dress up doll games and frequently check for new good ones
  3. if i’m feeling sad i feed my cat yoghurt bc it’s her fav and she’s super cute when she eats it and it usually cheers me up at least a little
  4. my favourite season is autumn and it’s autumn now and it’s so cold and there are cute girls in cute clothes everywhere and aah! autumn!!
  5. i have a super comfy and warm pair of onesies that are dark blue with little stars all over them and i love snuggling up in them but i overheat too easily so i don’t wear them often
  6. right now i’m staying at my sister’s place and she has the cutest cats ever and their names are hakuna and matata omg
  7. i can make one eye point inwards while the other looks straight ahead
  8. when i was a baby and my hair was about 2 or 3 inches long it still stood up on end so it was really high and i sometimes looked kinda like terk from tarzan
  9. my sister just found out she’s pregnant so i’m gonna be an aunty!
  10. can i say that my 10th fact is that i can’t think of a 10th fact bc i really can’t omg

i’m sorry if that was extremely disappointing but ilu a lot (◡‿◡✿)

lmpala said:

top 5 movies (:

Oh gosh. Interview With The Vampire, The Fifth Element, The Princess Bride, A Knight’s Tale, and The Highlander.

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