For Lauren and Ian

My dream last night.

It was really long, hence the read more post. It was really weird too.

Alright, so it started out as me going to the grocery story. I went to try and get a job, as I have been irl for the past few weeks, and then my mom came in and we decided to shop for groceries. We shopped and filled up the cart and then we went to check out. Somehow I became an employee during this time and went through the other lanes bagging their groceries for them and checking them out and then went out to get the car for my mom.
This is where it gets weird.
I was sitting in the car and I see this man walking up, I can still picture his face clearly in my mind, and I automatically knew what he was doing before he even did it. I tried to lock the door and I tried to start the car and get away before he could try anything but he already had the door open and the gun pointed at me. He said “Get out of the car.” and I, stubbornly, shook my head and tried to push him out of the way. So, he shot me, four times. Two under my collarbone on the left side and two on the side of my chest. I stumbled out of the car and he took it and left. then I run into the store, holding a hand against my wounds and called out weakly to my mom. She saw it and freaked out and we ran down the street, trying to find some kind of a car we could use to track down our own. We ended up at a rental place and got the same car model as my mom’s old one. It never struck me as odd in the dream that I was bleeding pretty badly from my gunshot wounds and my mom was only trying to find a car instead of get me to a hospital, and everyone else never even gave me a second glance.
Then somehow, it turned into the next day. I was in a small little quick stop store with my best friend Lauren. I had never gone to the hospital and my gunshots wounds were just sitting there in the open because I was wearing a vneck. We were in the drink isle and then these two guys walk up the aisle. It was the guy who had shot me. I immediately turn and try to go into the next aisle, claiming to Lauren that I needed some chips. He and his friend follow. I keep going into different aisles and he keeps following until finally I stop trying to run and jsut stand in an aisle. He comes up and taps me on the shoulder and I turn and then he starts talking, saying “Look, I think yo’re really pretty and I…” and then he recognizes me as the girl he shot and took a car from the day before and he knows that I know it was him. He gets all apologetic and just starts aplogizing and shaking his head and crying. I was getting ready to walk away and ignore him when he pulled out his gun and shot himself in the head. 

Then I woke up. I don’t even kow how I remembered all of this. It’s just weird. fjslja I woke up and checked myself for bullet wounds because it just all seemed so real.  

Would you ever perform incest at a highly paid price?
  • Stranger 2:no
  • Stranger 1:no. Never again.
  • Stranger 2:D:
  • Stranger 1:I'm already carrying that shit to my grave.
  • Stranger 1:
  • D:
  • Stranger 2:no me gusta
  • Stranger 1:no me gusta indeed redditor.
  • Stranger 1:or tumbler or 4channer. take your pick.
  • Stranger 2:hahaha
  • Stranger 2 has disconnected


lmdoak replied to your post: Dear Mikayla, as you know, I love you very very much, and I would just like to know if you would take me… to be your best friend. I mean, I know this is really sudden and out of the blue but I just can’t help myself. PS this is not fake.

But now it’s official. We should totally wear those little best friend things from Claires instead of rings. :D

Yeah! Let’s do it! We’ll have this bit ceremony in the parking lot. ^O^ 

lmdoak said:

Dear Mikayla, as you know, I love you very very much, and I would just like to know if you would take me... to be your best friend. I mean, I know this is really sudden and out of the blue but I just can't help myself.
PS this is not fake.

Oh….Oh Lauren. I just….Wow, this is so sudden and just….Yes. Yes I’d love to be your best friend.

…even though we’ve been best friends since 8th grade. ;o;