When you come to, the last thing you can remember are the explosions that rocked the airship when the pirates attacked.

As the ringing in your ears stops, you realise you blacked out and are no longer on the ship, but are hurtling downwards, towards a great unknown city interlocked with narrow spans of bridges set upon tall spires of square rock.

As flaming debris falls past you from the now-shattered airship, thoughts of self preservation become your primary concern.

#askstable: What do you do?

- Mathew out!

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Stop reblogging this holy shit. Post preserved below for posterity but it’s not a huge issue anymore.

Surprised no one is taking this to social media.

GM is effectively banning cosplays from Youmacon this year, enacting a new policy that disallows “face coverings or weapon-like objects.” The GM Ren Cen covers the majority of the con space, though some areas are owned by the Mariott and are not subject to the new rule.
The kicker? This was just announced, two weeks before the convention.

I’m hoping that by raising awareness, we can at least make the ruling less strict, by allowing peace bonded weapons, partial face coverings, or something of the sort.

There’s been no “official” word from GM or the Ren Cen besides a tweet  (retweeted from the Detroit Mariott account at that!). Screenshot in case the tweet is deleted.

Chevrolet is focusing on new technologies aimed at helping customers avoid collisions. The brand’s crash avoidance technologies are designed to help drivers in many everyday situations. For the 2014 and 2015 model years, Chevrolet has more vehicles with a 5-star Overall Vehicle Score from the federal government than Toyota or Ford!