some dpd problems:

  • having a hard time making decisions without the advice of others so you just don’t make a decision
  • having a hard time making decisions for others in case it doesn’t work out because then they’ll hate you
  • having a hard time making decisions even if you think you know what you want bc are you sure you know what’s best
  • having a hard time making decisions
  • d e c i s i o n s

We are going to be the best of friends,“ said Gilbert, jubilantly. "We were born to be good friends, Anne. You’ve thwarted destiny long enough.” -Anne of Green Gables.

“Yes, it’s beautiful,” said Gilbert, looking steadily down into Anne’s uplifted face, “but wouldn’t it have been more beautiful still, Anne, if there had been no separation or misunderstanding … if they had come hand in hand all the way through life, with no memories behind them but those which belonged to both of them?” -Anne of Avonlea.

“I have a dream,” he said slowly. “I persist in dreaming it, although it has often seemed to me that it could never come true. I dream of a home with a hearth-fire in it, a cat and a dog, the footsteps of friends - and you!” -Anne of the Island.

They belonged to each other; and, no matter what life might hold for them, it could never alter that. Their happiness was in each other’s keeping and both were unafraid. -Anne’s House of Dreams.


LM Montgomery.

I can’t imagine anyone but Jonathan Crombie capturing the spirit of Gilbert Blythe so well. He formed my ideal of romance and friendship in that role.My heart is sore that he’s no longer in this world. His legacy will last for many generations.

i think for the black magic era lm should change their aesthetic to be like black velvet with lots of neon colors and sparkles. like everything they do has a very grungy 90s vibe but also it be infused with their own style

i hate love live and the only reason i play the stupid game is becuase i love games like that like uhh fuck what do you call em like beat games ig.

i dont know but i fucking hate it and if there are games like that thatxarent anime related on iphone cancsomeone tell me the names bc i cant handle look at these anime girls any longer