I didn’t want any money I didn’t want it then or now because it’s not important in your life it was never important in our lives the Maya shows that the Maya built pyramids the Maya lived millions for years in the jungles of Central America no money the Africans how long did we live without money since creation now they tell us we need money to fight aids
—  Dr. Sebi

Seed architecture - childrens theatre
Guga S`Thebe Theatre, Llanga, Cape Town - South Africa

Containers, timber pallets and palings, straw infill, and prefabricated truss system.

     ”…a place for music dance and performance.”

An install with apparent inclusive participation with local community members, largely organised from European schools of architecture. Construction commencement was July 2013, however still remains unfinished. Perhaps stymied by funding streams, or reliance on foreign student volunteers in the construction between university coursework. 

The project is an otherwise innovative composition significant in size and space. Its measure of success will be its acceptance and long term use by the community.