Dear fellow Mabi players and friends~

You are all amazing, lovely people. You each have such an amazing unique fashion sense and I love to see what each and every one of you wear day to day. You are all doing an incredible job ranking up your skills, and making yourselves stronger and stronger each day. You should all be proud of what you have achieved, no matter what it is. I am proud of you for pushing forward even on those bad days, or days where it seems luck is not on your side. I wish you all the best for future endeavors, I cannot wait to see you all advance at whichever pace suits you. Have a fantastic day~

Aistaraina <3

Liz these screen shots you captured..

I didn’t realise the conversation that was happening during the ceremony! I’m trying not to laugh too loudly considering it’s rather early in the morning for me here but oh my gosh these are just perfect. You all all so amazing I’m so glad I met you all! From Chase saying ‘God wont be able to help you’  threatening my poor brother Bel with the belt after you told him he was grounded…my stomach hurts from laughing so hard! I also didn’t realise Laur was talking to me during the ceremony, I hope he didn’t think I was ignoring him I was too busy taking screen shots and being a happy giggly bride~ xD