I think it’s really cool that fandoms can have smaller subfandoms for like Fanfiction authors and fanartist




On past fandoms

My first piece of Viva Piñata fanart was a flash game where you pressed a button and smashed Fergy Fudgehog.

I have received more hate over that one piece of fanart than with EVERYTHING ELSE I HAVE EVER DONE.

And I’d do it again, too. I have no regrets.

I DID IT I bought the Cintiq!

This is gonna change my art for the better, I’m so excited. No more settling because of the mental disconnect between drawing in one place and seeing it in another. 

I have so many ideas, guys, and with this I think I’ll be able to get to them all. 

So I’m playing Pokemon in the waiting room of the car service station and the girl next to me leans over and goes “Not to be nosy, but I see you’re shiny hatching”


(then we had a lovely 15 minute chat that was mostly OMFG POKEMON!!!!!!!!)

New Years is upon us and I’ve been thinking about my resolutions!!

-Stop being bedridden in 2015

-be healthy enough to go to TCAF!!!!!!!!!!

-be a boss at comics

-print the first book of Thunderbird????????

-take better care of myself (pointed look at my drawing arm) 

Oh yes we’ve confirmed that yes, my sickness is called Pot’s Syndrome! It’s something that can be controlled with exercise and regular sleep. I’ve been doing that and taking various vitamin supplements and it seems to be not as much of a drag? There’s also a huge chance of it going away on its own because I’ve got it so early in my life (that would be super great)

I’m still pretty tired all the time but I actually had a 6/10 day the other day rather than a 3/10 day which is FANTASTIC. Been taking Vitamin B12 when I first wake up and it’s made a huuge difference. 

I’m hoping that it’ll lessen even more when the weather cools down, because heat makes it even worse…


Health Update

Let me tell you, this forced drawing hiatus is absolutely terrible for me! As someone who used to working several hours a day on comics to escape depression, this is making me face a lot of things I usually ignore.

I had a meeting with a physical therapist a few days ago and she’s given me a specialized workout routine for people with my chronic illness, and she says I should be getting more energy in about three months (I’m really looking forward to that). Being bedridden isn’t anything I would recommend.