lizziedarcys said:

This may be strange because I'm only a new follower, but ALL THE WEBSERIES FEELS. I didn't think a webseries could top or even match my LBD heartache, but NMTD did it, NAoP+W did it, aaaand AoJE also did it #allthefeels

It’s not strange at all! ALL THE WEBSERIES FEELS

I took a little bit of a break after LBD and stuck with Emma only but over the past few months I’ve been catching up on all I missed and I’m so so glad I did, because they’re all so beautiful and gorgeous! And destroying my heart, piece by piece. 

I can’t even think about what season 2 of NAoP+W might bring without breaking down, and I’m so glad to have other people on tumblr to fangirl over them all with :)

lizziedarcys replied to your post:omg i thought pumpkin spice was pumpkin flavoured too for so long and was like omg thats disgusting and i looked it up and its like cinnamon, cloves and ginger or something??

Pumpkin spice doesn’t taste like pumpkin? I HAVE BEEN LIED TO.

maybe not. or it could be like the long island iced tea of the coffee world. but I mean you’d think with the pumpkin thrown in there you’d get some pumpkin flavour.