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Imagine Bucky, Steve, Nat, Sam, Darcy and Clint trying to buy a bed for their new appartment but not being able to agree.

Well, to be fair, there are some pretty significant logistical issues they have to hash out.

"I’m telling you," says Sam for approximately the 500000th time, "we’re not all gonna fit on that mattress. There’s just no way.”

"Sure there is." Almost two hours of wandering the display floor have done nothing to curb Darcy’s enthusiasm. "Clint, Bucky, you guys are snipers, you’ll be comfortable hanging off the edge a bit, right? And Steve is totally compactable, I’ve seen how he fits his whole body behind that little shield. Then Natasha and Sam can go on either side of him and I’ll, I don’t know, lie on top of Natasha…"

"You will not."

"Fine, Natasha can lie on top of me, whatever. We’ll be fine! It’ll be fun."

Bucky is the only one who doesn’t join in with the loud chorus of groans. Personally, he doesn’t see the problem.

Jemma Simmons (aos) helps Bucky get caught up with the movies he missed by having movie marathons from the ones he saw last with Steve, working their way up each year they missed each week and making each month a different decade. Every one on the Avengers and Shield ends up joining in the marathon and Darcy suggests getting him caught up on music the same way.