liznewt asked:

Ok, so, You have been to HP Pavilion right? Was it a good place to see a game? I've never been to an NHL game before and I was thinking of making a trip down there in January to see the Wings. Good Idea? Bad idea? Suggestions?

Yes and yes. I’d rank the Shark Tank at fourth best of all of the arenas I’ve been to. It’s an intense building. The seating leaves a little to the imagination, unfortunately. They crammed too many in and any leaning at all leaves the person beside you at a disadvantage as far as viewing goes. Sit in the lower bowl on either end, if you can.

But it’s really, really great, otherwise. It’s new and pretty and it was just a good time. I’m glad I got to go to two games while I was there (once to cheer on the Red Wings and once to cheer on the Sharks) to get that home team feeling. You won’t regret it.

liznewt asked:

Gah, I am so jealous that you got to meet Tom! Lucky! No one cool ever comes to where I live. Also your blog is fantastic and it makes me smile. :]

Oh man, I can’t even believe I got so lucky. No one ever comes here either, which is why I was like WHAT DO YOU MEAN TOM HIDDLESTON IS IN DETROIT. WHY IS HE HERE. It was truly a gift from Asgard. And thank you so much :) That makes me happy to hear!