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1. Are your eyebrows natural or do you pluck/wax?

I have never plucked/waxed my eyebrows. Although, I do have a mole (or “beauty mark” if you prefer) that is part of my left eyebrow that I used to pluck occasionally before I realized that it actually didn’t make a whole lot of sense to do so.

2. Which channel did you watch most during your childhood?(ex.Disney )

I kind of jumped around a lot. I had shows on just about every channel (except Disney surprisingly) But I guess mostly Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and Fox Kids before it was 4Kids. Oh and ABC Family on the weekend ‘cause they had all the Spiderman and XMen cartoons :3

3. Do you like Kung Fu movies?

I don’t really watch any but I’m sure I would like them.

4. Will you dance to anything?

I’ll dance if I’m alone or I have a controller and a high score to beat.

5. If you have a dog, do they drink out of the toilet?

I don’t think I’ve ever seen her do that (Thank God)

6. If you have a cat, has it killed anything recently? 

I have never had a cat. But my dog did finally catch a squirrel in our backyard last summer… I guess that counts :/

7. Want to have a tea party?

I always want to have a tea party.

8. Fro yo or Ice Cream?

Ice Cream.

9. How was your day?

Stressful and kind of weird. I woke up to half of an essay that needed to be finished by 7 and I had to write it with my roommate I don’t want to live with making noise in the room and just generally making me uncomfortable. Then, when I had to go to dinner before class, I sat with this guy who’s my partner for a project in that class and it’s kind of seemed like he might (Liz will probably yell at me if I don’t say definitely) have a crush on me. Anyway, I found out that he’s 30 (I’m almost 23) and then after class I left while he was talking to the teacher and he texted me “you left without saying goodbye” so that was awkward xP

But Supernatural was on so that automatically means it was a good day :3

10. If you had to describe your wardrobe in three words, what would they be?

Sweatshirt. Band t (does the “t” really count as a word? I’m not gonna gonna count it). Skinnies.

11. Have you ever tried to seduce someone?

I can’t say that I have. Not really my thing.


Oh no… now I have to make up questions xP

1. What color is your hair?

2. What color are your eyes?

3. Are you a gamer? If yes, what is your favorite console and game? If no, what is it you dislike about the gamer culture?

4. Who is your favorite superhero?

5. Who is your favorite supervillain?

6. Have you ever been to another country? If so, which one(s)?

7. What are your main fandoms and how do you feel about them (the fandoms not the shows/movies/etc)?

8. Do you have an OTP? If so, who? (I expect pretty much everyone to have an answer for this)

9. If you were to set out on an epic quest tomorrow and had to pick 4 people to adventure with you (they can be fictional), who would you pick and why?

10. Why did you start following me?

11. What is your honest opinion of me? (I know I reblog a crapload of stuff every day and don’t tag anything. That’s gotta be annoying)

Okay, there are my questions for you fine folks! I don’t want to annoy anyone so I don’t think I’ll tag 11 people but I’ll tag a few and if you want to do this, please do :3