leahmiserables asked:

Hey! I have a question about how tumblr works. Do you know how to do the "so-and-so started following you" thing? i have noticed that a lot of people post those, and i feel like there is some shortcut that i am missing aside from just typing it all out. Can you help me figure this out?

No problem!  Sorry this is a day later - I was hanging with my family, haha.  =)  What you need is “Missing E" - it’s a browser extension that adds a lot of features to Tumblr, including the "reblog a notification" thing you’re talking about.  ^-^  I use the Chrome version, but there’s also a Firefox version and a Safari version.

Have fun setting it up, haha!  XD

The Starkid Show Was Amazing!

It was such a fun show, and there were amazing people to wait in line with as well. : )

I got you all tagged as promised, but I don’t think I’m going to post pictures/videos till tomorrow.

We’re pretty beat over here, and we’re pretty much going to go to bed. That, and we want the chance to try and fix some of the blurs in the pictures so that we have more.

But just from going through them alone I still managed to salvage over 150 of them, and four videos. Unfortunately some of the videos aren’t very long, but one is the whole introduction to the show. : ) So that’ll be fun.

I hope that when I post them all tomorrow you’ll enjoy them. <3