Chloe Bennet + Clark Gregg

Chloe is… I don’t know, it’s funny, I care about her as much as Coulson cares about Skye. She and I have just become this really strange kind of- I wouldn’t say it’s father/daughter [relationship], it’s more kind of older brother. On one hand, she’s the youngest, and at the same time, a lot of times she ends up giving us all advice. She’s got five brothers and she just couldn’t be tougher and more game to try anything. Even when she doesn’t have fights going on in the show she’s in there boxing, and trying to become more… lethal.


Everyone sleeping at the salvatore house to support Caroline

Damon sharing and Caroline being rude to him

The flashbacks with 10 years old Stefan and teenage Damon

Elena comforting Damon and giving him advice

Damon telling Stefan Caroline is not the one

The funeral

Jo finding out she’s pregnant and Alaric proposing

Matt and Tyler in general

Caroline snapping Elena’s neck and turning off her humanity

the Bamon reunion 

Mama Salvatore

TVD 6x10 Christmas Through Your Eyes

All the disgusting Delena scenes, especially in the library

TVD killing someone off (probably Sheriff Forbes)

Imagining Steroline might happen, because Stefan will help Caroline to overcome her grief

Coming to the conclusion that you should stop watching TVD but you can’t because of your awkward obsession with Stefan Salvatore