Twenty more minutes or so go by as they snooze a little longer, but finally Lucian’s eyes blink a few times as he lets them adjust to the light. “Did you sleep well?” Liz asks him titling her face up to reach his gaze. 

He nods while breathing out, “Yes. The best sleep I’ve had in weeks.” He admits while gently caressing her arm, then suddenly pulling her on top of him. “Apparently I can’t sleep without your tiny feet of fury kicking me, oh and your snoring.” 

"I do not snore, sugar." Liz laughs and pushes her nose to his with a scrunched up look on her face. "And even if I do you can’t hear it over your sleep talking." 

She rolls over to his other side and sits up, “Do you want breakfast?”

"I’m indifferent," Lucian shrugs, "Although your fluffy pancakes can always win me over." 

"I’ll get started on them," Liz replies, "Showers through there if you want. I have some fresh towels in the dryer." 

"Thanks pumpkin," he says placing a hand on her back and tracing the shape of her tattoos. "I’ll be quick." 

"Lucian?" Liz pauses before continuing, wondering if this is right to ask. She goes for it anyway, "Do you think this is working?" 

His silence doesn’t offer any advice or comfort, perhaps he wasn’t sure what she meant, but she wasn’t sure if she even knew. “Do you think I’m getting better or worse? I’d like to think I’m getting better at being co-dependent and I think it has to do with our living situation.” 

He breathes out heavily, “If you think it’s working, then it is. It doesn’t matter what I think because this is all for you. I’m happy to do whatever it takes, Liz.” 

"You know, I never meant to break your heart." She says quietly looking down at her fingers that suddenly seem restless. She tries to take comfort in picking at the stray strands of thread on the comforter. 

"I know, pumpkin… and I’m okay, I promise. It hurts to be pushed away, but I know that it’s for your own good. I also know you haven’t lost your feelings towards me otherwise I probably wouldn’t be here right now." 

"Right…" she says with a sniffle, "I’m sorry Lucian. I didn’t want to turn this morning into this." 

"It’s alright. Can I do anything?" He asks gently stroking her arm, "Or should I just get myself cleaned up?" 

"Shower and then meet me in the kitchen. I’ll be fine, promise." She turns around to give him a peck on the cheek and then grabs her robe from her bedside. 


The morning sun breaks through the window and beams gently on the pair sleeping soundly. Liz’s cycle is broken by the light reaching her eyes and she clears her throat quietly while rolling over to embrace Lucian. He’s somewhat conscious while tucking his arm around Liz to pull her into his body for warmth and comfort. 

"Good morning," she mumbles with her eyes still closed. Her hand rests on his ribs and gently she moves it back and forth in a soothing motion, just to be in this moment with each other was everything. Liz finally understands that and lets go of all her thoughts about being too attached to someone. If she was going to lean on someone she’s at least happy it’s him. 

"Good morning, pumpkin." Lucian replies sleepily rustling his feet around and settling in a new position. As he lets his slumber take over again Liz thinks about her irrational choices as of lately, but something tells her that moving out on her own is and was still a good idea. This morning is proof of that. Having separate lives gives them more appreciation for their affection for each other; however, their love and gratitude was never at question to begin with, but they both know this is genuine. A thousand little kisses a day can’t compare to the feelings flowing through their bodies this very moment. 

She wonders where that leaves them. If their love is more accepted and received when they’re not around each other twenty-four seven, how will they move on from here?