chothra said:

hi there! when you plan a day out, do you plan your outfit too, or just get dressed in whatever that morning?

Honestly I just put my mp3 on shuffle and whatever song that comes on put me in a certain mood and dictates how I get dress. I don’t usually plan my outfit earlier.

6/10 loved your theme!

chothra said:

Hello again :) I keep seeing the term "walk-in" and I'm not entirely sure what a walk-in is! Can you please explain that to me a bit better? Thank you!

Well, there are several ways to define it:

  • A regular member who can come and go as they please.
  • A member that literally “walks in” from another world.
  • A member that’s around sometimes, but not all the time.


chothra said:

Hello! I was just wondering about soulbonds and fictives. I have a soulbond to an otherkin named Neat. She hasn't ever fronted (that I know of) and if she has, she did something that I would have normally done. She and I are very similar, but she's more encouraging and bright. I am just wondering though, is it possible to only have one headmate/soulbond/fictive/etc. that doesn't front, but does talk and is very clear in my mind's eye? Or might I have other soulbonds hiding in there?

Oh, yeah! We have quite a few nonfronting mates! And it’s possible you’ve got others hiding in there too. :3 It you want tot try to contact anyone else who may be in there, we usually suggest meditation, and trying to reach out to anyone that may be there.


liyathelioness replied to your post: Of course I wake up early. Of course. Fucking fuck…

go to the doctor, say medication isn’t working, say you can’t sleep at correct times, voila

I see him Monday, but I told him last time about the sleeping and he’s like “UNTIL WE GET UR ANXIETY IN CHECK NO SLEEPIN THINGZ 4 U”

Then again, that’s only my psychiatrist. My psychologist is like “SHIT NIGGA U FUCKED UP TALK TO YO PSYCHIATRIST HE GON’ GIB U SUM PILLS TRY NOT 2 KILL YO SELF YET”