lewhux asked:

"Tw͏i̧n̨s͜ ͢e̵h?̶ N͢ice͞---͟!̢ ҉A̷nd̡ b͟o͢t̷h v͡ery҉ a҉t̶t͠ŗactiv͏e̢."͝

"A-ah yes. We are twins and uh…thank you?" Vivi answered, slightly unnerved by the tall green demon. Vic put a comforting hand on her shoulder and stood defensively, wary of the demon that decided to visit them.

"So who are you? …and is there anything we can help you with?" Vic asked warily as he sized up the horned being. While Vic was the slightest bit taller than the demon, he was wary of how dangerous the green creature could be.