catching—flowers said: GLASSESCEPTION

True. if ur wearing glasses and watching movie in 3D it feels just as confusing as the Inception plot!

deborashish said: that’s true. not only they’re heavy and uncomfortable but also really darkens the view..i hate that

ikr :(  I force myself to watch Thor in 3D because all of my friends wants to, although it is more fun, I have to keep re-arrange my glasses as well as the 3D glasses its so annoying

livingthroughdreams said: Glasses on glasses

its like i have 4 eyes and none of them are working!

livingthroughdreams said:

when will the link to the site be up?

We’re not really sure right now. We will try not to keep you waiting for too long. In the mean time we promise to keep you updated with the whole plot, member groups, important information mm.  But we’re really excited about opening the site as soon as possible.



Where I show how socially awkward I am through the shock of getting new followers

I would just like to welcome my new followers. It’s a terrible tumblr to follow. I post sporadically and I rarely interact with people. I’m cool like that. But you are welcome to linger as long as you wish and I won’t begrudge you leaving (and, wow, does that make me sound like I have low self esteem. I don’t, I’m just saying it’s alright, I understand. Shit happens.)