I feel sorry for Rudy that he can’t love this country the way it is. I love America even with assholes like him living in it. In fact, I’m immensely proud of our assholes; I think America has the best assholes in the world. I defy the Belgians or the Japanese to produce something like a Donald Trump. If that makes me an exceptionalist, I plead guilty.

In all seriousness, the Rudy story is a bummer. It’s not easy to love America and hate half the people who live there. It requires that you spend a lot of time closing your eyes and wishing history had happened differently, which, at least in my limited experience, doesn’t work very well.

Late for the Sky (favorite lyrics)

The words had all been spoken
And somehow the feeling still wasn’t right
And still we continued on through the night
Tracing our steps from the beginning
Until they vanished into the air
Trying to understand how our lives has led us there

Looking hard into your eyes
There was nobody I’d ever known
Such an empty surprise to feel so alone

Now for me some words come easy
But I know that they don’t mean that much
Compared with the things that are said when lovers touch
You never knew what I loved in you
I don’t know what you loved in me
Maybe the picture of somebody you were hoping I might be

Awake again I can’t pretend and I know I’m alone
And close to the end of the feeling we’ve known

How long have I been sleeping
How long have I been drifting alone through the night
How long have I been dreaming I could make it right
If I closed my eyes and tried with all my might
To be the one you need

Awake again I can’t pretend and I know I’m alone
And close to the end of the feeling we’ve known

How long have I been sleeping
How long have I been drifting alone through the night
How long have I been running for that morning flight
Through the whispered promises and the changing light
Of the bed where we both lie
Late for the sky

darkchunni asked:

The ones that end in 1!

1. First thing you wash in the shower?

idk probably my hair

11. Turn ons?

affection, loyalty, and dominance

pale skin, green eyes, and traditionally feminine appearances

21. Could you handle being in the military?

it’s not something that would come easy for me but if i had few other options i think i would be able to adapt. not exactly my first choice though

31. Whats your zodiac sign?

aquarius, wind sign, sign of “the water bearer”

41. If you could trade places with any person living or dead, who would you trade places with?

i dont wanna answer this one because my answer would be stupid

51.If you found that a close friend has AIDS, would you still hang out with them?

as long as theres no risk of contagion or something sure

61. Would you rather live longer or be wealthy?

wealthy because i don’t want to be so old that i outlive everyone else that would be a depressing final years

the holes in the hearts of New York City.

riding the train to the end of the line
we saw the holes in the heart of New York City,
the holes in the heart of America.
across the bridge we realized how unphotogenic we both are.
I was a tourist in the city I live in, just for a few hours.
we had an adventure. stuck in the bar praying we weren’t going to be arrested.
you must have been good luck.
our escape led us to a party I didnt want to go to.
where you shed the final remains of an old relationship.
and I remembered what it feels to be special for a night.
I wish all nights were like that. where we are young and free, safe and lucky.
where plans are easy to change and fun is on tap.
the holes in New York City are only visible when you close your eyes and reach out through the dark.
our minds going blank for a small second. we are full of holes.
we are aware that most nights most days most moments are not easy.
that towers fall, and people leave and stories don’t always have happy endings.
but for a night we let reality hide the truth.
we let ourselves live in a night. in a dream. at least for a few hours.

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I saw Lee in gatwick airport once with his babymama who he met on MySpace… It was surreal

YEAH, omg there is so much gossipy shit surrounding them, the groupie stories alone, and then they’ve said some of the WORST and questionable shit in interviews, they’re all in all just such a disaster, I LOVE IT

It’s easy to cry out for innocence
When your hair was full
And your eyes were bright with excitement

When you knew no pain other than
What your parents inflicted
And when your biggest goals for the day were
Staying up all night and bike riding to the closest neighborhood

But now your hair falls out in clumps
The racing thoughts and heart beats keep you awake
And your eyes are heavy with living

Yes, it’s easy to wish for naivety
When your body is full of acid
And the world reflects your deepest knowings//greatest fears

When closeness makes you cringe
And it’s all you want

When depression is better
When anything is better.


Mommy tip #28374832

1st pic: bookshelves

Clear off the bottom shelves and remove one of them to make the area tall enough that little one won’t bump their head. It makes a great little play area where you can keep your eye on the baby and keep their toys in relatively the same area. Also, at the end of the day, you can just scoot them into the shelves for quick and easy cleanup.

2nd Pic: playpen

If you are like me, your baby has TONS of baby blankets and pillows that she uses/plays with all day. In my case, they end up strewn about the living room every single day. All of them. So, a quick way to get them out of the way yet still have them close by is to throw them all into the playpen. They all stay in one area so they don’t get lost or create a mess. If you need to use the playpen for baby, just take them out and (fold, if you have time) lay them beside the play pen. Play pens are also very handy for blocking off doors that you haven’t gotten around to baby proofing yet.

 These are just a couple of the very simple, “duh” tricks that I have picked up that make my day-to-day life simpler. Enjoy! And please, add your own!

THE MELTING POT by Tiffany Simone

A City filled with many people,
every color, race, and creed.
I made them in my likeness,
all different, but still a part of me.

Street Soldiers fighting wars.
So much injustice and misery.
Prejudice that breeds hate.
Ignorance imitates what it sees.

Tattered, worn, they’re hungry.
Looking for something to eat.
You pass them by, close your eyes.
I watch this and I weep.

You sleep easy, living in comfort.
They sleep curled up on the Park bench,
in cardboard boxes, in alleyways;
Homeless, in the dark and lonely streets.

Disturbed by all this madness,
ugliness and cruelty.
Your face will remain nameless.
Show your neighbor some empathy.

Am I a part of this “Melting Pot”?
All uniting and doing good-deeds.
Am I my brother’s keeper?
Yes, responsible for all he needs.



Right on this bed you told me you loved me,

And for reasons unknown i believed without doubt.

Little did i know those words would enslave me

Blinden me,

And leave me shattered.

I put my heart and soul into those words

And in the process I’ve lost my mind.

My heart is heavy

My soul is in pain

There’s a rebel lying deep in my soul

Battling with let him go and let him stay

Like its an easy decision to make

When my body still yearns for your touch

We’ve always wanted a perfect future together

And we lived each day like a fulfillment of our to be

As we waited for it to come so we could flea

But here i am today,

On this same bed that once brought smiles on my face

And chills down my spine, at the touch of your hand.

Memories that appear anytime i close my eyes,

Making it difficult to let go, even if i need to

I’m filled with anger and pain

My heart is racing with so many emotions

Hoping to let loose and be free

How i feel i do not know

And what i know, i can’t believe.

Like a knife you pierced through my insides with those last words

And now that emptiness still remains.

I sit here with thoughts crowded in my mind

But still not the slightest idea how to move on

I built my world around you

And now it all just crumpled and fell

My heart is bleeding

My soul aches

All for trusting

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Rescue me from my own reality.

Dreaming can be so easy when you close your eyes from reality. Living can be so harmless in a pool of stupidity. Why must happiness only come from apathy? Can I live simple life with no lust or envy?
Rescue me, I can’t see through the darkness of what could be.
Rescue me, each step I take is a step towards my own misery.
Rescue me, I am my only as good as you make me.
Yesterday is the past we choose to imagine. Loneliness is something we choose not to fathom. You really are my madness, why do I see only magic?
Rescue me, I am drowning I’m sadness.
Rescue me, you are a disaster waiting to happen.
Rescue me, I am the nail in my own coffin.
Life is what we make it, love is a game of feat and defeat, and a dream is where we can take it.
Nightmares are hard to awaken from once you see a transparent reality.

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Happy Valentines Day - 2015

I have learnt that Love is a verb, a doing word as some might say, so be sure to add some Love to all that you do, knowing that true Love begins with loving you. It’s impossible to give away anything unless you have it first, Love especially.. no matter how much you try

Sing like you have never sung before, especially if you have never sung before! Dance like everyone is watching… now take a breath, and close your eyes… begin to see the anticipation in everyones’ eyes, as the sound of their clapping gets louder, feel the excitement filling the air as they prepare to witness you  in the performance of a lifetime.

Forgiving the pasts and all that is in it is easy once you become fully grateful for the lessons that you learnt. See everyone in their complete greatness, living their lives, on a journey with with a fascinating destination. Be Grateful in every condition and for all things, and for everyone around you. Decide today to live the rest of your days with power rather than force.

Feel congratulated for everything that you’ve done, knowing that your path through greatness has just begun. Happy Valentines Day.

by Mero Samuel