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"Our story continues with Derek Lightwood, Kira Branwell, Isaac Penhallow, and Malia Morgenstern. Despite his young age, due to a tragic accident involving his entire family and a fire breathing demon, Derek is the head of the New York Institute. However, with many of the influential  families living within the walls, much of the work falls to Melissa Herondale, in exchange that he teach the young Shadowhunters. Kira Branwell is the daughter of a very old London-Based family who recently moved into an apartment across from the Institute, despite being uncommonly skilled with many weapons, she has begun training with the other teenagers. Isaac Penhallow, like a few more descendants of his family, is part Fae. He is a kind-hearted Shadowhunter, much like Scott Herondale, but he will defend his friends no matter what it takes. Malia Morgenstern has slowly been trying to rebuild her family’s name. Her father being dead for nearly all her life, and the New York Institute housing her, she tries to excel in all subjects, as well as prove that she is more than her name suggests.

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I'm pretty sure that at one point everyone had a crush on Danny. I sure did.

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I have had this post in my folder for like a month but I have been super excited to share it with you guys. I used to live in Los Angeles and this would have solved all my problems with not having a garden or needing to travel far when finding fresh foods to eat. Even the organic food market was crappy where I lived. This is called a


You can grow your own garden in your home! On youtube its hard to find people using it to grow food but you can use it for food (depending on the type of food). I have a neighbor that grows grapes in his house. Anyways, hope you like this post. 

Here is a link to a youtube video that explains how to make one and how it works. [LINK]