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A while ago someone with really good intentions made a post saying that you can stretch out your dollar and eat healthier preparing your meals at home and making your own lunches instead of eating out. Immediately people started ripping into that post, saying it was not possible. I decided to do the experiment too see for myself. How much good food can you buy for less than 20 bucks? I went to three stores today and I was pleasantly surprised. Personally I feel ethnic grocery stores are always more affordable. I thought about the essentials only. Meat is super expensive for the amount of servings, I got about two pounds of chicken. But there are plenty of other options for protein like eggs, beans, cheese, and milk which give you more servings. Eating two vegetarian meals and one meat dish a day will help save money. Rice, beans, and potatoes are the most inexpensive per serving and are very versatile, you can even cook them ahead of time and freeze them in individual ziploc bags to use throughout the week. I was able to get plenty of fresh fruit and some veggies. I even got cheese, milk, eggs, oatmeal and bread. I spent less than 60 bucks (I posted the receipts as proof). I usually spend about 20 bucks a day between eating out and buying whatever groceries I want with out planning. I think that with some good planing I might be able to stretch this food out the whole week. I’m going to post pictures of my meals too. We’ll see how it goes.


Save Our Kids (2/24/15): Brittany Overstreet had her first court date yesterday, and we turned up and turned out in protest against the charge brought against her (resisting arrest without violence). They’re currently trying to force her to plead out by threatening to bring an additional charge if she goes to trial. Don’t let their threats go unnoticed. You’ve already made such a difference in this girl’s life by sharing her story. We will get justice for Brittany! #staywoke #farfromover



Many fandoms and activist movements are currently under attack by some bigoted assholes that in omegle have their common interest set to “4chan”

Sadly to get this information in some points I had to give myself as a target but to be honest there’s a great feature in tumblr called a trash can where I can just delete all this hate mail I’ll soon receive for targeting and exposing myself all the same.

Sad thing here is that REAL PEOPLE are being targeted and some may not be strong enough to ignore the hate. I had to give real information, fears and triggers of myself to get this information and I only hope that the people under attack understand that there are other people trying to help them.

PLEASE send these people the love they clearly deserve and spread this like wildfire, thanks.


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Help save our kids! We’re hosting a call-in day tomorrow (Friday, 2/20/15) to get the charge (resisting without violence) against Brittany Overstreet dropped. This girl had her jaw fractured in two places, a concussion, and other injuries sustained, and yet she’s to one being treated like a criminal. You can help change this! 

Demand that the charges against Brittany be dropped and that School Resource Officer Manuel Santos is fired. (Help BOOST too!) #staywoke #farfromover