football challenge

1 childhood hero - Milan Baroš

Enfant terrible of Czech football. The player who never forgot where he came from. Who never left his home club behind. 14 years ago he left the club for Liverpool. Went on to play for Aston Villa, Lyon, Galatasaray… Now he is back, wearing the captain armband again, making the stands chant his name like it’s a mantra. And it was worth waiting for.

“In the Czech Republic, there is only one club for me, and it is Baník Ostrava.”

List of things to look forward to in Stevie’s charity match:
  • Stevie being on the pitch for longer than 30 seconds
  • Carra being the only audible voice throughout the entirety of Anfield
  • Multiple two footed challenges by Mario Balotelli on John Terry
  • Alberto Moreno getting a baby brother
  • Suarez nutmegging Lucas
  • Lucas getting a yellow for fouling Suarez immediately afterwards
  • The Luis Garcia song
  • Thierry Henry finally coming out of the closet as a Liverpool fan
  • Hearing the old unmistakable sound of disappointment in a collaborative Anfield sigh whenever Stewart Downing gets the ball
  • Rickie taking the #9 from Torres
  • Gerlonso make out session
  • Riise playing as though it were a 1st team tryout
  • Not having to anxiously wonder what the hell is going to happen next whenever Shelvey gets the ball
  • Always having a photo of Drogba in a Liverpool shirt on file for future conflict with chelsea supporters
  • Stevie and Xabi getting it on