I love this little moment so much. Mikasa’s lines are heartbreaking. She has no home any more, and therefore none of the warmth that being at home with the people you love brings. And so Eren does what any sensible little boy would do and tries to make her physically warm again, and by doing that he puts the warmth back in her heart. Without hesitation he grabs her arm and says lets go to our home. While his father suggested it, I don’t think Eren would have had it any other way. He hasn’t lost his family, he doesn’t understand what she is going through and yet he gives her just what she needs. A family that will love her when her parents aren’t there to anymore.  

This moment means so much to Mikasa that she is never seen without that scarf again. I think she keeps it with her to keep Eren close, but to also remember when all was taken from her, she still had a home to go to. That she’ll always have a place to come back to with Eren.


I could write about the scene of the rest of my life and always be happy with it. I’ve talked so much about it but there was one thing I noticed while reading the official translation for the first time (and read a ton of translations when that chapter came out haha). A good majority of it is the same, what Mikasa is saying stands true in just about every chapter, but Eren’s translation differs depending on who translated it. Previous to reading this my favorite was the one where he says something like it’s just a scarf, I’ll wrap it around you as many times as I need. Or the we’ll keep on being together one. They all give me feelings okay.

My favorite though has to be the translation in the published book. Eren gets that Mikasa’s scarf that he gave her so long ago is very special to her, girl wears it all the time but I think he understands it means a little bit more. It’s not just a treasured item; it’s their connection, its Mikasa’s connection to him. It’s not special just because it reminded her of the day he saved her life; it’s special because he gave it to her because he protected her that night. It was the very moment they were bound together and they have been ever since.

So he tells her “I’ll wrap you up in it again,” basically telling her I’ll always be there to protect you. That’s not enough though. He turns to face their enemy saying “again and again forever.” I will protect you time and time again for forever, he tells her. As if one again wasn’t enough, as if two more wasn’t enough, its forever. He is telling her they’ll always be together, they’ll always be bound like the night they were nine years old. She was telling him how much he has always meant to her, and he tells her how much she has always meant to him. Enough to prompt his words promising to always be there for her, that he will never leave her behind, that he will keep her save with him forever. Enough to try and punch a titan because he has to get her out of there; this will not be goodbye, they still have forever. 


Can we talk about Sasha attacking a titan with a bow and arrow and surviving? Because that’s freaking badass. Sasha is different from the others, she was raised different, but that doesn’t make her any less valuable and any less kickass than the rest of them.

She shoots at the titan but knowing her last arrow is the most important she just shoves it right in the titan’s eye getting closer to it than anyone would ever, ever want to be. She slips out of its grip and runs away with no gear at all. She was born and raised a hunter, she knows how to fight and how to survive.

I don’t think she should be looked on as just the funny one or the one who eats a lot, because her value is much more than that. She risks her life for that little boy and she gets away by pure skill and strength.


This part just breaks my heart. Because he hates this. He doesn’t want this. These are his friends, his comrades, and he cares about the,. He doesn’t want to murder, he doesn’t want everyone to hate him, but someone has to do it. And so he does. 

They are just kids. Kids wrapped up in this twisted world where they have to do horrendous things to go home but they started this and they have to finish this even though it tears them to pieces to go through with it.

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