i cannot stress how nice and considerate our men’s soccer team is?? like i was holding the door open for one of the players but my friend was saying bye to me so i had my back to the door and said bye to her and at the same time the player coming out had said thanks but he thought i hadn’t heard him bc i said bye to my friend so he repeated himself and made sure i heard him. like thank you dude i catch these little things and sometimes those are what stay with you. 

and on tuesday at around 1030 when the last soccer player brought out the laundry he thought we were done for the day (which we were) so he asked us if he should just drop off the laundry the next morning and we told him we can just keep it in the laundry room and someone will do it tomorrow and he actually thanked us. it may sound ridiculous, but there are many athletes that just don’t say thank you and i’m not faulting them like it’s fine, but when certain players do say thank you, it’s a nice feeling. it just then reminds me that the little things do matter and to pass it on. 

  • Meeting Chris

So I met Chris again today and it was so awesome because the Barnes & Noble people weren’t being pushy and we all actually got a chance to really say something to him and take some time.

He’s so sweet and this is how our conversation went down:

Me: I want to say thank you because one, these signings are always right around my birthday so it’s an awesome way to celebrate —

Chris: Happy birthday! Give me back your book I’m gonna give you a birthday star! [he reached across the table and pulled it back from me lol]

Me: And two, some of my most awesome friends I’ve met at your signings, so I wanted to say thank you for kind of, like, bringing people together.

Chris: Awesome, thank you. That’s so good to hear.

So basically I’m a huge sap but yeah it was a good day. Sigh.

  • hydra merchandising is not cool
  • death eater merchandising is not cool
  • the harry potter fandom embracing death eater imagery is not cool
  • the mcu cast and marvel staff embracing hydra imagery is not cool 

impressionable children who don’t know better are being sold the images and logos of fictional extremist hate movements that are very clear metaphors for real extremist hate movements as something innocent and attractive, and that is not cool

"May there always be babies at funerals"

This is not a saying, that I am aware of, but it ought to be. We went to a friend’s mother’s funeral today, and there were babies there, being babies, reminding you that life goes on, always unaware of death, or the propriety of churches.

Our friend’s mother had neither a ‘good’ or a ‘bad’ death, but sort of a medium one, best case scenarios as you weigh the options, as though we can and chose the best path. Illness, but not as long as it could have dragged out, fairly quick once they decided to step back and have nature take it’s course. She was elderly, but got to meet her first grandbaby. Got to get some things in over. Religious, so not fighting and fearful. Still. Death is felt only by the living, and cracks lives asunder.

This was not the first friend’s parent to pass, but it did seem to herald a shift into it becoming more common in our lives, parents funerals will become more common now. It was a beautiful autumn day, in rural Pennsylvania. Bright skies and changing leaves.

A bad day with anxiety but I’ll make it through.

I just need to survive through Thursday, then I’ll have my Computer Science lab to stress over for a week. But hopefully that isn’t too bad, it just seems time consuming.

I really hope you’re all having a fantastic day, much better than mine.

39 weeks, 4 days. Wanting to go into labor is so strange. 

Hello. Yes. I am very impatient to be in an indeterminate amount of pain for an uncertain amount of time that may be multiple days where I will undergo an unknown major psychophysiological experience whereupon at the end I will be legally and morally responsible for another life regardless of my final state.