“Hey gurl, I got this ring for ya.”

Aaaaand poof! She’s alive! ALSO HOLD UP ONE MOMENT! IT JUST DAWNED ON ME THAT THIS IS THE FIRST TIME ROXY IS SEEING CALLIOPE AS SHE TRULY IS! She didn’t seem fazed at all, just smiled and put a ring on her finger. I’m sure the clothes gave it away and I’m also sure Roxy’s powers were specifically guided to bring her to Calliope so she knew who it was, but I think it’s just really sweet that she wasn’t as shocked by her visage as Calliope feared.

“Oh wow, I’m alive!” :u

“Let’s get out of here.” “O-O.K.”


Roy truly has gotten a grip on her powers, it would seem. Darn girl voided out the entire panel! Hopefully this won’t be yet another frustrating obfuscation for us readers.