I Wish I Could Say Something Nostalgic About 24….

But 24 has been a VERY hard year for me. I mean I haven’t cried like this since I was just starting out undergrad. And though I know God works EVRYTHING for my good, I would be lying if I didn’t tell you that I didn’t mumble and complain through a lot of the things I’ve experienced this last year. At one point, I had to straight up ask God like “Yo, is there a purpose in this? Because I don’t get it!” I know that I’m not suppose to question God, however I am grateful that He is so merciful that He allowed me the grace to do so without smiting my stubborn behind.

The craziest part is I know that everything had to happen the way it did. I still don’t understand why but with purpose comes opposition and to whom much is given, much is required…which means that testing is necessary. 

25 symbolizes “grace upon grace” and I think to complete the things that are before me, the need for grace will simply be an understatement. I need to do a few things include:

  1. Sit down and re-evaluate my current position.
  2. Prioritize, prioritize, PRIORITIZE !
  3. Do a better job of taking care of myself.
  4. Plan for my next position.
  5. Re-organize the chaos that has been taken place in my life for far too long.
  6. Let go of anything and anybody that is counter productive.  Social, emotion and spiritual cleansing is a reoccurring event in life
  7. Get healed from some things.
  8. Commit myself to a church home because I’ve been without one for almost 2 years.
  9.  Enjoy myself because I’m young and I still have plenty of time to be tied down to the things that tie people down (family, marriage, etc) but right now, I need to enjoy the fullness of my freedom.
  10. Push myself to my limit…I wasn’t made for a mediocre lifestyle.

25 is putting me in a new position in  life. I’m excited, kind of hesitant, and trying to make sure that my perspective is one of faith. I’m leaping into this, feet first. I prepped and prepared for this…let’s go!

Everyone that knows me know that I love whiskey and cognac! I got to try two #Exclusive new Johnny Walker whiskeys that was just released today. Johnny Walker Spice Route and Gold Route, both from the Johnny Walker’s Explorers Club Collection only sold at Duty Free locations around the world to those traveling outside the USA! You won’t find this in your corner store! Had to get me a bottle of this goodness! #SupamanAdventures #WorldWideTraveling #Liveat25 (at Duty Free Americas)

Soo 2013 is my 25th year on this earth… So this year I plan on traveling and doing a lot of adventurous things….a lot of firsts, visiting states, countries and sites I’ve only imagine seeing. Doing things that I never thought I would have the opportunity to do. Things that others are scared to do. This year…I’m living LIFE! Y'all follow my adventures…my journey as I enjoy life! This year I’m 25…and it will be LIVE! When I’m older I’m going to look back at this year and say… MY LIFE WAS AWESOME!! #LIVEAT25 #YEAR25 (at Atlanta, Georgia)