Sweet sacrifice I; Knowing.

Eun Ae was once a normal girl once until they got involved in a car accident. Luckily, Eun Ae survived. But her parents, on the other hand died due to severe damage. Because of trauma, she became mute. After that, Eun Sung (Her mother’s bestfriend), looked out for her. She treated her as her own daughter.

From then, she met Myung-dae. He’s the son of Eun Sung. Myung-dae thought that he won’t be able to converse with Eun Ae due to her condition, but Eun Sung told Myung-dae that Eun Ae can still hear. And because of love, care and guidance. Eun Ae was able to get through, but unfortunately she still can’t speak. They have discovered that her speech and language part of the brain was damaged. Myung-dae decided to take a sign language class for Eun Ae’s sake.

"Do you want to continue high-school, Eun Ae?" asked Eun Sung.

Then, she took a paper and pen and wrote something.

I want to, but I’m afraid that I will have a hard time because I’m not used to this. I might just take a sign language before I continue my studies. I’ll have Myung-dae to teach me about the lessons for sometime.”

Myung-dae nodded with a smile. Everything was fine between them. Many people get them wrong as a couple. 

It was their first day of the sign language lessons. They seem to enjoy their time together. But some of their classmates were curious why Myung-dae is taking up a class like that when he’s not deaf or mute.

On their breaktime, one of their classmates asked Myung-dae.

Why do you want to learn sign language?”

Myung-dae didn’t know how to respond. He doesn’t know sign language that much yet so their teacher came near and translated what the girl said.

"She’s asking why you want to study sign language." she said.

Oh, because of her." he replied while pointing Eun Ae.

"That’s sweet." the teacher said as she smile.

"I think so too…?" he grinned.

Sweet Sacrifice 

Shizume was one of those city’s with lots of dark alley ways. And it perfectly suited their purposes. Homra family, the red clan, who were cursed with vampirisim, preferred dark places. Yata Misaki who was part of that family, sought out many of the alley’s around town to find food and speak with informants. There was nothing special about today; He didn’t have any missions to preform for the clan so he had been skateboarding out of sheer idleness, thinking of possibly grabbing a light snack. 

Yata jumped off a curb and rounded around into a nearby backstreet. It was dim and he caught the scent of blood. No one should be hunting in this part of town except other Homra members. In the shadows there was a young kid standing there with purple hair, holding a teddy bear. He frowned thinking that was weird, what was a kid doing in this part of town. Misaki pressed against the back of his board, coming to an abrupt stop in front of the strange youth. 

"Tch..are you lost? It’s dangerous in the city, kid!" 

Muitas vezes você acaba o esquecendo, ou deixando-o em segundo plano. Às vezes ele quer apenas um minutinho do seu tempo, ou simplesmente um assovio, porém você mesmo sabendo disso se recusa. Às vezes, tudo que ele quer é pode correr e pular em você, como uma criança .. mas você prefere rejeitá-lo. Simplesmente o que ele quer é poder estar ao seu lado todo o tempo, e você não nota que ele é o único a querer isso. Enquanto outros te esquecem, te magoam, te trocam, te fazem sofrer .. ele apenas quer te fazer feliz e lhe transmitir seu amor.

 ”Um cachorro não precisa de carrões, de casas grandes ou roupas de marca, um graveto está ótimo para ele. Um cachorro não se importa se você é rico ou pobre, inteligente ou idiota, esperto ou burro. Dê-lhe seu coração e ele lhe dará o dele. De quantas pessoas você pode falar isso? Quantas pessoas fazem você se sentir raro, puro e especial? Quantas pessoas fazem você se sentir extraordinário?” -Marley e eu.

A cada dia que passa o ser humano se torna mais frio e desprezível. Amizades fingidas, amores falsos e palavras vazias. Manter a pose é de extrema importância, porém a integridade do caráter a muito se perdeu. O ser humano só vai parar de ser tão medíocre quando sair do casulo que cria tal individualismo e perceber que o mundo vai além das fronteiras eu-eumesmo.

Sweet sacrifice II; Learning.

The class ended. Eun Ae tried conversing with Myung-dae using sign language.

"You’re doing well, Eun Ae." said Myung-dae.

Thanks, Myung-dae." she replied as she wave her hands.

Myung-dae and Eun Ae walked home together.

"Uli jib ewassda!”

"Welcome home, Eun Ae and Myung-dae. How’s school?" Eun Sung asked.

"It went well. Eun Ae’s doing well on the first day."

Eun Sung smiled and patted Eun Ae. Eun Ae smiled back.

They changed their clothes and started eating dinner. After awhile, they helped each other in cleaning.

Eun Ae asked Myung-dae to company her to the bookstore. She wanted to buy a book about sign language. Myung-dae stood up from his seat and grabbed his coat.

"Let’s go, Eun Ae." he said as he glanced at the window.

They both went out and said their goodbye to Eun Sung.

He had virtually made a change in my life." Eun Ae thought while they were walking across the street.

They walked inside the bookstore. Eun Ae looked for the book as Myung-dae follows her. Eun Ae grabbed the book that she was looking for and asked Myung-dae to take it to the cashier and buy it for her. The bookstore is almost closed. They hurried home because it’s getting late. When they arrived, they knocked and walked inside their pad.

"Hey, Mom. Look what she bought." Myung-dae teased.

"…she seemed so eager to learn how to converse with other people without wasting any piece of paper."

Eun Hae slapped Myung-dae’s back wearing that pouting lips and a disappointed face. “I was kidding, Eun Ae…” he smiled. “…in fact, I’m proud of you.” he added.

Eun Ae replied with a cheerful smile. 

"So, let’s get back to work. I’ll teach you some of the lessons I got from school."

Eun Ae nodded.