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National Bat Appreciation Day - April 17th [source]

Fun Bat Facts:

  • Some species of bats can live up to 40 years.
  • Can see in the dark and use their extreme sense of hearing.
  • Are the only mammal naturally capable of true and sustained flight.
  • There are over 1200 known species of bats.
  • The United States is home to an estimated 48 species of bats.
  • About 70 % of bats are insectivores.
  • One of the largest bats is the giant golden-crowned flying fox bat weighing up to 4 lbs with a wingspan of up to 5 ft. 7 in.
  • Bats are very clean animals, grooming themselves almost constantly.
  • North America’s largest urban bat colony is the Congress Avenue Bridge in Austin, Texas.  It is home to an estimated 1,500,000 Mexican free-tailed bats, which eat approximately 10,000 to 30,000 lbs of insects each night. Annually around 100,000 tourists visit the bridge at twilight to watch the bats leave the roost.
  • One colony of 150 big brown bats can protect farmers from up to 33 million or more root-worms each summer.
  • Almost 40% of American bat species are in severe decline with some already listed as endangered or threatened.
  • Three U.S. states have an official state bat.  The Mexican free-tailed bat represent Texas and Oklahoma and the Virginia big-eared bat represents Virginia.



150416 CNBLUE Yonghwa Wants to Get Married by Mid-40s at the Latest
In the upcoming broadcast of MBC Music′s Picnic Live, Jung Yonghwa went on a special picnic with single ladies in their 30s. 

With ′Can I get married?′ as the topic of the picnic, Yonghwa shared honest conversations about marriage with the single women.
Yonghwa related with each of the recommendations, adding: “I hope I can get married to a woman who will understand my occupation as a celebrity, listen to music, and talk about music with me.”
Saying that he′s never really thought sincerely about marriage, Yonghwa shared: “I want to get married between 45 and 47 at the latest. Any later than that, I think I′ll lose to all the other dads when I participate in sports events with my kid." 

Picnic Live with Yonghwa will air on April 16 at 11 PM (KST) on MBC Music. 
150416  Yonghwa de CNBLUE quiere casarse máximo a los 40 y tantos
En la próxima emisión de ‘Picnic Live’ en MBC Music, podremos ver a Jung Yonghwa ir de picnic con fans solteras de más de 30 años.

Con la pregunta ¿"Me puedo casar?” como el tema principal del picnic, Yonghwa mantuvo una honesta conversación con sus fans acerca del matrimonio.
El líder de CNBLUE se sintió identificado con cada recomendación, agregando: “Espero que me pueda casar con una mujer que entienda mi trabajo como celebridad, que escuche música conmigo y con la que pueda hablar de música”.
Diciendo que él nunca se ha puesto a pensar seriamente en el matrimonio, reveló: “Me quiero casar entre los 45 a los 47 años máximo, ya que después de esa edad creo que perderé en las competencias con los otros padres cuando participe en los eventos deportivos con mi hijo”.

Picnic Live con Yonghwa se emitirá el 16 de Abril a las 11pm (KST) en MBC Music.

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They’ve told him at school that stars die too. Not like people: people just… die and that’s it, but stars explode and sometimes turn into black holes that suck everything inside themselves. He’s never really understood why, but his mum likes to explain, too, that some of the stars we see are dead already even though they’re still in the sky – something to do with them being so far away. He looks up at the stars, wiping at his eyes messily with the back of his hand, and wonders which ones out of all of them are dead already. He wonders if any of them will die before he does.

hey read this fic with me it has a magical baby harry who undergoes an existential crisis and wills louis into existence, 


Hey Tay! These are pictures of my lovely mother and I! We both wanted to tell you something.
Since I was young my mom has been in and out of the hospital. When she was 11 she was diagnosed with diabetes. She became what is known as a brittle diabetic by the age of 20. She couldn’t keep control of her blood sugars which caused seizures and diabetic Keytone acidosis (DKA). I spent my entire childhood in fear of my mom having a low blood sugar everytime we went outside of the house. At age 35 the doctors told her that if she didn’t get a pancreas transplant she was not going to live to see 40. So my mom got put onto the transplant list. In January of 2009, when my mom was 39 years old we got a call saying that they had a donor with a perfect match and for us to come right away. So we did. My mom spent a month in the hospital recovering. Everything was okay after that with a few bumps in the road that had to do with rejection and things like that. Then, August of 2013 hit. My mom was put into the hospital after complaining of chest pains and shortness of breath. They found out that she had 3 blocked arteries. They tried to stent it, but they were too blocked and the stents weren’t going to help. In early September of 2013 my mom had open heart surgery. Triple bypass to be exact. It was a long hard recovery from that.
Now Taylor, I’m not telling you this because I want you to feel sorry for me or anything, please don’t. I just what you to know that now my mom and I are able to do things like go to New York and your concerts and different things that we couldn’t do before and it seemed like we never would be able to. My mom is strong and I know your mom is too. I just hope you keep a positive outlook because as far out reach as it seems now one day it won’t.
I’m praying for you and your mom. I know you guys can do it. My mom and I love you and are sending you both a hug.❤️


If you saw your neighbour whipping a dog, you’d be on the phone to the police immediately, right? Of course, anyone with a shred of decency condemns hurting animals. Yet, inexplicably, some still turn a blind eye to the cruelty to horses during the Grand National, in which riders are required to carry a whip. Nearly every year, racehorses sustain injuries. Many have paid with their lives.

When 40 skittish horses are jammed onto a treacherous obstacle course, viciously whipped, and forced into jumping, breakdowns are inevitable. Last year, only 17 – fewer than half – finished the Grand National, and while the race organisers were quick to highlight an absence of fatalities after last year’s main event, they conveniently failed to mention that two horses died at the same course earlier in the week. According to research by Animal Aid in 2012, Aintree was the most lethal of all of Britain’s racecourses, claiming the lives of six horses in just eight days of racing.

Treated like wind-up toys – their fragile limbs pushed to and sometimes beyond breaking point – many horses sustain fractured legs or necks or severed tendons, while others have heart attacks. Every year, hundreds of horses die on British racetracks. More are turned into dog food when they stop winning.

The mindset that horses are little more than tools to be used, abused and discarded is entrenched in the racing industry. Ruby Walsh’s comment that horses are “replaceable” is deeply offensive. Horses are not unfeeling – they experience joy, anxiety, fear and affection. They are also clever and perceptive, as anyone who has seen a horse figure out how to open stable-door latches will tell you. However, Walsh’s comments were prophetic: the very next day, two more horses died on the Cheltenham track.

Horses are sometimes drugged to mask pain and keep them running when they should be resting or receiving treatment. Raced too young and too hard, when their bones are not up to the pounding and stress, horses used in racing endure injuries, lameness and exhaustion. Last year, Godolphin trainer Mahmood al-Zarooni was banned from racing for eight years after being found guilty of doping offences.

People who care about horses should turn their backs on the Grand National and every other race in which horses are being run to death. This cruelty will end only when the public realises that there is no such thing as a “harmless flutter” when it comes to funding the cruel and exploitative horse-racing industry.

• This article was amended on 4 April and 22 April 2014 to correct a suggestion of motive behind horse racing. It was further amended on 16 April and 22 April 2014 to amend references to horse deaths and injuries in Grand National races, the fate of racehorses when they stop winning and the use of drugs and to remove a reference to “premeditated” cruelty.

Mimi Bekhechi

Yes, you are reading this correctly. Tomorrow in Toldeo, Ohio this hate group will be allowed to have a rally, protected by the Toledo Police Department. I am absolutely disgusted to live only 40 minutes away.