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Hello my darling ! I nearly missed your giveaway, I've just learned about it now, so I though I would give it a try ♥ And actually, I'd love to see a exR wedding ? Because I've never read one, only proposals but never THE THING. With stress ! and fluff ! and whatever you want. Good luck with everything, you're great :> (i literally check your fic tag everyday)

e/R | wedding day

"I don’t care," says Enjolras, and regrets it the moment the words fall out of his mouth.

Grantaire, hand outstretched with a book of colour schemes for the reception, only hesitates for a moment. “Alright. I’ll pick something we’ll both like then,” he says, and his voice doesn’t even quaver. Fuck. Enjolras has really fucked up if Grantaire’s had so much practice that Enjolras can’t tell if he’s lying or not anymore.

"Grantaire," says Enjolras, hoping, willing Grantaire to understand him. "It’s not – I do care, I just –” He scrubs at his face with one hand.

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Happy Birthday to littlewadoo , such a wonderful huan being and number one blessing of this fandom !!

Aaand my gift had to be some Courfiusette/MC² because for some reason you once had the wonderful idea to introduce me to that OT3 that literally became the sunshine of my life. Getting older and better just like some good french wine ;)


happy birthday littlewadoo!!! you bring a lot of joy into my life so congrats on another year, hope it’s a good one! ideally the giftart wouldve been a little less shoddy but i theoretically have “obligations” so ahh this sketch will have to do OTL but hopefully it gets my point across <3 <3 <3 <3

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Oooh, I have a feeling for e/R and 23 ! If you have it too and if you have time and things.

"just once” | exr | rated g

Grantaire steps into the living room and notices something very strange: the largest box they have in the house toppled over, books strewn all over the carpet. 

Even stranger is the sight of Enjolras lying very still on said carpet.

“Uhm, you do know we have a couch, right?” Grantaire says, dropping his keys on the bowl. 

“I think I’ve hurt my back,” Enjolras winces, eyes still fixed on the ceiling.

“Holy shit!” Grantaire rushes to his side. “What the fuck, what happened?”

“I was moving that fucking box, once and for all, but I guess I misjudged how heave that was. Shit, I’m burning that box when I’m done here.

“Fuck, okay, no problem. I’m driving you to the hospital—”

Enjolras shakes his head, tension written in every line of his face. “No, it’s okay. I just need to stay here for a while.”

“What— why?”

“I once read that when you get back pains you should lie down on the floor and it’ll go away.”

Grantaire frowns. “Are you fucking with me right now?”

“No, I’m serious! It’ll go away soon. I just need to stay here, quiet, motionless.”

Grantaire rubs his temples, lets himself sit more comfortably by Enjolras’ side. “Jesus fucking Christ…”

“It’s not even that bad. I mean, if I don’t move, I don’t feel a thing.”

“Oh, good!” Grantaire claps, sarcastic. “Now you just have to spend all your life on your back. Great plan.”

Enjolras glares up at Grantaire. “You know, just once I wish you’d take something serious.”

“Me? You’re the one taking healthcare tips from the internet again!”

“It’s not from the internet!”

Oh, isn’t it?”

Enjolras looks away, mouth as petulant as ever. “Well, they had to get that information somehow.”

“You’re ridiculous,” Grantaire mutters as he gets up.

“Where are you going?”

“I’m calling Joly. You know, an actual doctor.”

“… can’t you do that from down here?”

Grantaire rubs a hand over his face. “Seriously?”

“What? It gets boring after a while and you’re finally home!”

Grantaire sighs, but as soon as he’s done dialing he lies on the floor next to Enjolras.

In The Flesh / Pushing Daisies AU

KIeren baking pies and waking the dead. Amy’s his waitress and BFF. They’re both in love of the guy he wakes up (Simon), until Amy moves on for an awkward regular customer (Philip). Jem uses her brother’s powers to investigate crimes.

If I ever tell you I’m going to draw you a birthday gift, be warned : it will most probably be late.
This one is for Eve to whom I apologize for having had her wait. Sorry honey ! Hope you like it though :3

Grantaire wearing a beanie in modern AU is possibly the best thing in fanon Les Mis.