Hi friends, last week I was in Montreal, Quebec for a week. It was really cold! It snowed everyday while we were there. So I really felt Christmas is coming, all the decorations on the streets and inside all the shops, restaurants, so cute. Montreal, is very full of art, very inspiring place. I wish I could stay there longer… But the cold is really bad. I’ve never felt that severe cold in my life before. I couldn’t hold my camera more than a minute if my gloves were not on my hands. With the gloves even, I couldn’t use my hands much haha. :-) But Montreal is a very beautiful city! I wanna visit there again to see more.

Also I’m a big fan of maple, I visited Canadian Maple Delights shop two times, I bought many things, maple spreads, candies, cookies and more haha. :-D

Enjoy the photos please.