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what are some of your favourite accounts

Oh my goodness so many! 

littleponyboyadrian—Angie is so sweet and she’s awesome! She’s such a great friend and swimming fan.

swimmingfanforever—If you’re a swimming fan you need to be following Michele. <33

reezybreezybeautiful—Liz is also super sweet and she’s got Ryan Murphy feels galore and I’m always happy to chat with her and creep through her blog because she always posts awesome stuff!

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reezybreezybeautiful reblogged your post:I think JR Celski and Nathan Adrian would be great…

And they’re both hapa gods


littleponyboyadrian reblogged your post:I think JR Celski and Nathan Adrian would be great…

10,000% agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They would make the absolute best of friends!!!!! Big brother, little brother type of thing. JR already follows Nathan anyway!!!!!

I’m gonna make this happen; more like should make it happen.


I literally have the best friends in the world. 

None of these tweets would have happened without Angela and they made my day a million times better. 

Seriously, I want to think all of you for all your well wishes. I have made wonderful friends on here and I just want you all to know how special you are to me! <3


Just saw this in my email today & turns out my blog You Again turned 1 last Tuesday!! Happy Belated Birthday, You Again!!!!!!!!!! :)

I first created this blog because my real life friends were tired of seeing half naked pictures of Nathan in his speedo 24/7. Originally, I just wanted to reblog pics of Nathan to soothe my own fangirlness; I was not expecting to be reading USMOST fanfics, loving this sport and supporting other swimmers, & making such great friends that comprise the fandom tags. I honestly don’t know what I expected out of the Nathan fandom other than pictures of the boy, lol.

But I am glad to have entered this world because I have gained so much from this Tumblr family in the past year since I created this blog and since we all collectively fallen in love with our golden boy. I know our families and friends cannot fully comprehend our love for Nathan & the rest of the USMOST, and think that we have completely lost our minds, but at least we all know what we’re going through and feeling within the fandom/tag. I don’t want to get too sentimental, but we do pretty much share this weird bond for this team & I’m so proud to be part of it. Let your freak flag fly, right? Lol.

Anyway, I’m thankful for all of you that have made this crazy swim year absolutely amazing. I have never stuck to a single sport for more than 2 months (including JR’s debut in Vancouver 2010), so I’m absolutely overjoyed to stick to USA Swimming, their members, & our strong fandom. I love all of you, & thank you for making this little fandom the best.

Anyone have Skype???

If you guys ever want to talk about anything - school, life, Nathan, Conor, Harry Potter - or you just want to listen to my random musings, here’s my contact: MissBassDrummer. :)

Please, no creepers; that’s not how I roll.