this mess we tried our best
For something we can do

while the angels walk with the lonely ones
in the cold rain and rescue you

and this fable world’s coming down hard,
walls coming down hard
 in all our homes

so hold a hand for cover
hold a hand for cover
hold a hand for cover from harm

For letsdrawsherlock:

Song [x]

I really enjoy all the fandom’s intricate Reichenbach theories and wanted to pay homage to those as well, so the piece is also based on the Grimm story “The Strange Musician,”

*It’s also available as a print on both my redbubble and society6


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OTP Challenge Day 4: On a Date

I think John would have the idea to take Sherlock out to lunch in the cafe at Saint Paul’s. Or maybe Sherlock would think to take John there.

Either way, lunch in a crypt would be right up their street.

Picture of the crypt from the Saint Paul’s Cathedral website.