Another otome outfit, because I love my new skirt. It looks like a quick sketch/watercolour painting and has a layer of tulle inside to give it some shape without needing a petticoat. I really want to get some cute ankle socks to suit my otome outfits. Hopefully with summer coming I will be able to find some nice ones.

Outfit post!

Dress: Next
Sweater: Offbrand
Tights: New Look
Fawn Collar: Balthina’s
Earmuffs: Offbrand (I think Primark)
Shoes: Salt&Pepper

My super cheap, super casual outfit. Went shopping with mum the other day. The weather is getting colder so it’s perfect for mori girl style with all the layers (although what I’m wearing isn’t strictly 100% mori, more mori influenced I suppose).

Thank you to Emi for touching up this photo! It was pretty dark since my hallway isn’t all that bright.

Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas everyone! It’s so weird to think that I’ve only been using Tumblr for 3 months, but it’s been a really nice way to end my year. There’s been lots of ups and downs, so having something stable and constant to focus on has been really good for me. I won’t be online much until after New Years, so Happy New Years to you as well.

I have a few new years resolutions I hope to keep though:

  1. Study to become a pastry chef. It has been my dream for a while but due to poor health I wasn’t capable of doing this.
  2. Start to learn another language, most likely French.
  3. Exercise! Not to lose weight but to gain some muscle and build up my stamina.
  4. Start sewing for fun, not for the sake of other people. Although I’m not going to many events next year so this one should be achievable.

I hope I can stick to my resolutions! I’ll be doing my best to. In January (the 10th to be exact) I will be starting a Professional Cookery Level 2 course, so that’s my first resolution. I’m actually really excited, although I’m a very shy person so I’m a little bit scared to go back around big groups of people. I’m sure my friends and boyfriend will be more than happy to be taste testers for me.

So everyone, what are your New Year resolutions?

Telford MCM Expo

Anyone going to Telford MCM Expo this weekend? I’m going as part of a Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword group. I’ll be cosplaying as Fi! My costume is almost completed, so yay for me. Only a couple more things to do. I’m really excited for this! I’ll also be helping out on my friend’s stall throughout the day so it will be a crazy long day for me but definitely worth it.