First we get the zerrie selfie and then Little Mix announce their snap chat and also the next day they announce their single, the artwork for it, and the day it’s going to air on the radio. Now we get a zerrie video along with more little mix talking about their new single and today (May 18th 2015) they release a sneak peak to their single. Honestly if you still don’t think zerrie is used for publicity you are in some hard core denial. Opinions? #zerrie #zerrieisreal #zerrieisfake #zaynmalik #onedirection #perrieedwards #littlemix


When you tryna sleep but remember little mix just released their new single #littlemix #blackmagic

Fifth Harmony’s sub-unit,  “Holy Trinity” consists of the three fiercest, badass women of the group; Normani, Lauren, and Dinah Jane. They’ve been labeled the rebirthed Destiny’s Child.  Congrats on being so awesome ladies!

Perrie Is Using Zayn. (Zerrie Is For Promo part 1/2) (Theory #1)

Zayn and Perrie’s relationship “Zerrie” is centered around promotion. Whether you believe in their relationship or not, there is so much promotion involved. Whenever I say that Zerrie is promotion, one of the first responses I get is “no it’s not, Zerrie is real.” Well a relationship doesn’t have to be fake in order to provide promotion, does it? So because of that statement, let’s start this off here.

What if Zerrie is real? Well just like the possibility of Zerrie being fake, the possibility of it being real exists too. For starters, it’s really obvious that Perrie doesn’t love or she feels nothing for Zayn. Perrie isn’t shy when it comes to her relationship. She is not a private person at all so the excuse of “maybe Perrie wants to keep everything private” does not apply here. I mean she goes around showing off her ring all the time. I understand that she’s engaged & she’s supposed to wear her ring but it’s not just about her. Zayn is such a reserved person. He has always wanted to keep certain things private. I mean, it wasn’t until that last year we found out he had an Instagram account (@niazkilam) which was set on private & it wasn’t until a few months later that he made it public to everyone. It’s even verified now. He had about two CONFIRMED secret relationships going on back in his days on The X Factor (dated Rebecca Ferguson, secret relationship with Geneva Lane, rumored to have been with Cher Lloyd). Perrie has been with Zayn for about three years now. You would think that she would want to respect his privacy. I’m not saying she can’t show off her ring, I’m saying that she shouldn’t be showing it off every time chance she gets & constantly shoving it in our faces. This brings so much attention on her & Zayn as well. & if Zayn really left One Direction because he wanted to be a normal 22 year old which is bullshit because you’re engaged to Perrie Edwards aka one of the UK’s biggest artists ok normal doesn’t apply to you buddy sorry, then Perrie would respect that & try not to bring so much attention to herself, especially for the first few months, first few weeks at the very least. But what happens instead? Constant Zerrie action. Mainly on her Instagram account (@perrieeele)

Like these photos we got in the very beginning of April, an exact week after the announcement of Zayn’s departure from the band, of Perrie with Zayn in France with his family.

Zayn just quit one of the biggest parts of his life a week ago. I don’t think he’d want pictures like these to be posted just 7 days after. Especially if he wants to be a normal 22 year old. But keep in mind that besides that interview Zayn had with The Sun Magazine which didn’t get all that much attention, everyone is wondering what former One Direction member Zayn Malik has been up to. What are his plans? What has he done now that he quit One Direction in the middle of their biggest tour ever? Now we know. He has been spending time with his family…. and his fiancee Perrie Edwards.

A little over a month goes by. Little Mix is about to drop their new single Black Magic. How convenient that on May 13, we get another Zerrie selfie. Keep in mind that Little Mix’s single came out on May 21.

On May 17, Perrie posts a video with her & her brother Johnnie Edwards singing…. with Zayn featuring in it.

On May 22, Perrie posts a video of her singing with Zayn just chilling in the background before eventually walking away. This happens the day after Little Mix release their single Black Magic. Little Mix still have a music video coming out (in two days as I write this). So a lot of fans, Little Mix and One Direction fans as well, weren’t surprised to see Perrie post something.

On May 25, Perrie posts this recent photo of herself wearing her prom dress.

In comparison to her most recent posts on her Instagram, the photo looks so much more heavily edited than the others.

Well the photo is really heavily edited. In the photo the dress appears to be white. It looks just like a wedding dress. But her prom dress… is purple.

Why would Perrie want to brag about her prom dress which is an OBVIOUS shade of purple, only to apply filters over filters over filters? I mean, isn’t the first thing people look at when they see a dress the color? So isn’t it convenient that besides the Zerrie vacation photos, we got all of this in a span of two weeks? & during these two weeks, Little Mix has been nonstop talking about their single & the music video that goes along with it? But before Zayn quit, before Zayn’s cheating scandal, Perrie never talked about Zayn unless he was brought up in an interview. So if she wanted to talk about Zayn around that time, she wouldn’t look as bad as she does right now. If all of this is because Zerrie is real, it’s pretty obvious she’s doing it for attention. I mean, just look what happens when you Google “Perrie Edwards” under the news section.You get these results: 

and these results

followed by these

You get articles. Rumors. Headlines, nonstop links to websites talking about her & the majority of all of them mention Zayn at some point. Of course, Little Mix is famous too. They have their own fanbase. They make their own music. However by comparison to One Direction, they are OBVIOUSLY not as big. & Perrie, who was dating a member of the world’s biggest boy band member, took this as an a chance to get that promo. This isn’t the first time it’s happened. It all goes back to X Factor 2011, when Little Mix were competing. Zayn was rooting for Little Mix & he urged fans to vote for them (One Direction’s fame was still blooming, but they were getting popular very fast at this time). 

But Perrie wasn’t very…. interested in him or what he was doing. She said in an interview with Sugarscape that she didn’t want a relationship & just wanted to focus on her career:

& we also have this article by Sugarscape as well where Perrie claims that she’s embarrassed to have rumors about her & Zayn dating since she barely knows him:

& a few months later, on April 26, 2012 to be exact, we get this. 

Perrie & the rest of the girls from Little Mix all had personal accounts, separate from the @/LittleMixOffic (now the @/LittleMix account) but after this, all their twitters were suddenly deleted out of the blue & they all shared & still share the band account. But Zayn’s tweet is still on twitter if you scroll down enough:

So after the first Zerrie tweets, we get these photos/

but in this photo, you can see that Perrie is looking straight into the camera as if she knew the photos were being taken. She’s even smiling.

But the ones that matter the most are these which we got shortly after. Mainly this one.

The photos were released on May 22-May 23, 2012. So now everyone is talking about Perrie. Everyone is looking into her & want to find out more about her. She’s getting so much attention. & since she no longer has a personal twitter account, Little Mix is getting so much attention as well. People are following Little Mix just for Perrie. For about a month & a half after all of this, Little Mix has more twitter followers, facebook likers, more attention in the media. Then they drop this on July 1, 2012 on their official Youtube/Vevo channel: their lyric video to Wings.

and on July 25, 2012, their official Wings music video is released.

Little Mix has now officially released a single & a music video. So now the media has stuff about Perrie & Little Mix to talk about without it always having to involve Zayn.

There are many more examples of Perrie using Zayn for promotion. But I’ll save all of that for my Zerrie timeline I will start working on soon (will take some time before I can actually post it though). But as you can see, Zayn was rooting for Little Mix during X Factor. One Direction weren’t as big as they were a couple months later, but they were growing fame quickly. When they started getting popular in the United States, Perrie suddenly starts getting involved with Zayn’s life & we have actual legitimate proof instead of rumors. The United States has one of the highest music markets in the world so it makes sense that Perrie was completely uninterested in Zayn a few months before the movie date tweet & would want to get involved with Zayn as soon as he started getting big in America along with One Direction which many fans got involved with around in that period of the year & the only reason would be because she wants attention not for herself but for Little Mix. More attention=more money.

But why would Perrie depend on Zayn for money if she makes her own? Good point. Little Mix is famous & make a lot of money already. But let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to earn even more money? Money gives us security. It pays for our shelter & bills & entertainment…. Perrie is very materialistic. She likes expensive things. & one of the biggest pieces of evidence to support this is idea is from X Factor. No… right before X Factor. The reason she even auditioned X Factor to begin with: her mom told Perrie that she’ll buy her an iPhone if she auditions for the X Factor. Let’s not forget that it’s not all about music either. She gets paid for interviews too. So in a way, she gets paid to talk about Zayn. & the other girls of Little Mix get paid to talk about their relationship. So it’s a win/win for everyone.

What about Zayn? Why would he still be with Perrie for three years? Well Zayn is not very experienced when it comes to relationships. Remember on 1DDay (November 23, 2013) he admitted to Perrie being his “first proper girlfriend”. I mean, just about two months into the relationship & Zayn is already saying “I love you” to her. 

They also got their first pet four months later, just after half a year of being together. & rumors started going around that they lived together at this time. The relationship was moving too fast, but Zayn probably didn’t even notice it since he’s, like the saying goes, blinded by love.

Not to mention that the puppy is very… cute & tiny & fluffy. But Zayn was more into bigger, short haired dogs.

& he still is.

Exotic animals seem to be his taste too. I mean shit if I wasn’t into lizards, there would be no way in hell that I would let this thing crawl up onto my shoulder.

So this suggests that the puppy was Perrie’s idea I mean Zayn’s taste in animals is SO much more different than Perrie’s. Perrie is far more feminine & is more likely to get this puppy. & what’s cuter than celebrity couples & their new pet animals? It’s obviously gonna get people talking. 

Perrie didn’t make it very obvious that she’s using Zayn (when it came to Little Mix promo). There’s time gaps between Zerrie action & Little Mix action that are large enough to support the idea that Perrie isn’t using Zayn but are small enough to make some people notice that she really is. The cheating scandals? There have been many cheating scandals involving Zayn. Little Mix are known to sing about girl power & how if a guy doesn’t treat you right, just get rid of him because you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. How you don’t need to depend on a guy to be successful. Little Mix write their songs. So Perrie helps writes these kinds of songs… so isn’t it very hypocritical? I mean we all remember the Australian waitress incident. 

& that time Zayn tried hooking up with a girl in a hotel hallway while he & the boys were on tour:

& the threepersonparty video chat involving him, his friend Anthony Riach & some mystery girl:

but the most recognized/recent scandal by far

So why would Perrie, someone who promotes stuff as I mentioned before, continue to put up with someone like Zayn? Because even if Zayn never cheated on these occasions, that’s still a lot of negativity in her life. She’s contradicting herself & making herself look like such a hypocrite.

What about the engagement? I’m just gonna put it simple & to the point. It’s a stupid idea. I mean they were only together for a little over a year before they got engaged & they were barely able to see each other in that time with the continuous touring not just from Zayn but Perrie as well. Zayn & One Direction had their Up All Night & Take Me Home tours while Perrie & Little Mix had their DNA tour. They were both incredibly busy. Why would they want to get engaged so fast? & more importantly, SO YOUNG? Perrie had just turned 20 & Zayn was 20 too. & One Direction announced their bigger & more extensive tour, Where We Are tour, a few months earlier. Meaning even less time together than they were already getting. It’s obvious that Perrie would have known this. But an engagement would have so many people talking. So much promotion. Perrie seemed so cautious about just a normal relationship at the end of 2011 since she didn’t want it to interfere with her career. So why wouldn’t she be as cautious for an engagement, which is an even bigger step? Especially with all of One Direction’s touring that’s gonna be going on. & the release of Little Mix’s album Salute later that year & eventually their Salute tour as well. It’s just worse. So either Perrie is using Zayn for attention or she’s INCREDIBLY hypocritical.

But let’s not single Perrie out. One Direction get paid for all the interviews they do. So just like how Perrie gets paid to talk about Zayn, Zayn gets paid to talk about Perrie. Only difference is that Zayn doesn’t really talk that much about Perrie during interviews, even when he’s asked. Like I said in the very beginning: Zayn is reserved. He likes keeping things that are meant to be private, like his relationship, private. So Zayn probably doesn’t care about the money, but i wouldn’t be surprised if he is. He did buy his mom a house, which he said in This Is Us is the reason he continued to work hard in his career. I’m not saying Zayn is selfish because he isn’t. I’m just saying that he had good reasons to want to continue on with this relationship. Especially if he wasn’t aware of Perrie using him.

Why would Perrie still be using Zayn if he’s no longer a member of One Direction? Even though Zayn is no longer a member, the media is still keeping an eye on him. They want to know what’s gonna be his next move since he himself hasn’t come out & said why he quit I mean yeah we got a Facebook statement but fuck that statement ok it was obviously Modest! who wrote it & it was as if someone just broke up with us through text. Besides Naughty Boy & occasionally family, Perrie is our only source to know what’s going on with Zayn’s life. & with all that’s happened since in the beginning of April this year, Perrie is fully aware of that. She just wants to show him off as much as possible because she knows that because Zayn is in the media’s attention, if she posts/talks about him, she & Little Mix will be in the media’s attention as well. Just look at all the articles that came up when I googled “Perrie Edwards” earlier. She’s taking this whole thing as an advantage to herself & her career. 

Recap: There has been a lot of Zerrie action happening these two months. & in these past few months, Little Mix has been talking about their single Black Magic a lot. So Perrie is using this time that Zayn has now that he quit the band to use him as a way to get more attention from the media. It’s not a huge surprise & not a crazy idea once you look into the very beginning of their relationship. Perrie continues to be with Zayn even after all the cheating scandals for past three years because she knows the attention she gets from him has helped her career & Little Mix’s career as well (this is also why she’s engaged to Zayn) or because she is a very hypocritical person. Zayn continues to be in this relationship because he is either unaware to what Perrie is doing, due to his lack of relationship experience, & is simply blinded by love. & if the cheating scandals are all true, this sets Zayn up for the ultimate guilt trap. Even if Zayn is no longer in One Direction, he still gets lots of attention, which Perrie is using as an advantage to herself & Little Mix. 

& if you think this all sounds too far fetched, just remember that Zerrie can still be a fake relationship. After all, Little Mix & One Direction both work for Modest! Management.

Ok guys that’s it for my first theory. I’ll start working on my next theory tomorrow so I can have it posted up by the end of this week. If there is something here you don’t understand or if you want to correct me on something, free to ask me questions & give comments about this theory in my ask box

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Oh one more thing, if you actually sat here & read all of this, thank you sosososososo much :)