littlemisssims asked:

This is for the Sims 3 on a PC. I have all of the EPs and when I load up my game, anything from the Supernatural EP doesn't work. None of the clothes or objects appear and Moonlight Falls doesn't load. I already updated my nraas master controller mods and that didn't help. I've taken my whole Mods folder out besides NoCD (because we only have one disk and I don't have it in this computer) and it still didn't work. Should I just uninstall Supernatural and then re install it?

Sorry you are having issues. I honestly do not think that mods or custom content would stop an expansion from showing up. I could be wrong though. It seems like the problem is that your computer is not seeing the game for whatever reason. 

I would definitely uninstall and re-install it. I recommend you follow this guide at MTS about how to properly uninstall an expansion. Follow the steps carefully. Hopefully a full clean uninstall/re-install works!