In honor of One Piece returning to Toonami tonight.

Credit to this video belongs to LittleKuriboh, not me.


Cos & Effect was pretty damn magical! Thank you to all of my friends (old and new; local and the travelers) for making it such an amazing weekend. Friends and I rocked The Final Fantasy Fight Tournament, Assembled some Avengers, Pattycaked like Champions, sold some buttons, obsessed over Corgis, made silly voices, threw a Smarties box at Howard, Hulk-bro-fisted, watched RoboCop, and had a pretty damn chill con.

Thank you everyone who stopped by Kazzie’s booth and bought my buttons. I saw a few people wearing them and it was an amazing feeling. I’m also really grateful for those who recognized me and said hello. I’ll post information soon in regards to selling more buttons!

I won’t spam my Tumblr with many more con pics, but I just wanted to say how grateful I was for such an amazing experience. I am truly fortunate to have such wonderful friends. I am also fortunate for Robocop. Part man. Part machine. All amazing.



It’s amazing how well YGO:Abridged and Lady Gaga go together. XD

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to play this on repeat about a hundred times.

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Marik Plays Bloodlines - Part 7.5 - FOOLISH FOOLS! (by ObeyMyRod)

LittleKurriboh is such a tease.