Sooo shedatesboys just sent this my way… read my 11 answers to her questions, then answer my 11 below. Repost and include 11 newquestions and tag 11 people to do this!

1. What’s the best thing you know how to cook? I make great biscuits and gravy. I’m also okay at apple pie.

2. What article of clothing do you look best in? I have a pair of tights with randomly placed holes in them that I bought by accident that never fail to get comments, so probably those?

3. What was your first kiss? A boy I’d known since I was little took me to see House of Flying Daggars and he kissed me during the credits. We then dated for like 10 more days and he broke up with me on AIM. Sigh.

4. Aside from responsibilities like bills or a new car/home, what would you make a big purchase on if you had the money? If I could take time off work, I’d go take a tour of the middle east for like 2 months and stay in some of the fanciest hotels and also in some hostels. I’d be sure to go to Palestine, Saudi Arabia and Iran (among others) because those are places I definitely don’t want to miss out on in life.

5. Do you believe in ghosts, spirits, or the afterlife? Nope. 

6. Skydiving or Scubadiving? Scubadiving without a doubt- but I want one of those cages. I’d totally want to dive with sharks if I had a solid cage with very narrowly-spaced bars around me.

7. What Halloween costume do you remember most vividly? I went as a gypsy in 3rd grade, and my mom made the skirt for me out of this slippery satin fabric that took forever for her. Also I didn’t have my ears pierced yet, so we put a scarf around my head and then attached hoop earrings to that. It was SO COOL.

8. Who is your favorite person? Too hard to answer! Any choice would make me feel guilty.

9. Would you start an affair at work with some super sexy being that wanted to fuck you on a desk (or whatever apertures your job entails)?If I were single, probably, as long as I had to do 0% of the work in terms of getting and keeping his attention. An office affair just sounds too logistically complicated if I have to put in effort, haha, oops.

10. Would you want your blog to go nationwide famous, or do you prefer your anonymous life? My blog is nowhere near focused enough for that. I like that I can reblog a ton of photos of my new favorite tv show, and the next day I can post actual thoughts. If it were nationwide famous, I’d have to actually provide good content haha way too stressful! 

11. Do you like your name? Yes, I really do. I don’t love my last name, except that I like that it connects me to my family.

My questions:

1. Are you an introvert or an extrovert, and what makes you say that?

2. What has been your favorite vacation?

3. If you had to pick a different accent to speak your native language in for the rest of your life, what would it be?

4. What are you most self-conscious about?

5. Did you ever have a coming-of-age ceremony, religious or otherwise, like a bat mitzvah or something?

6. What’s something easy that anyone could do to brighten your day?

7. When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

8. What was the best first date experience you had?

9. What do you think about the most when you meet a new person?

10. Do you follow your horoscope?

11. What is your favorite type of craft?


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11. my fave foreign baddie, ggoldenn


So I think it’s safe to say that the birthday bar crawl was a success.

Birthday girl got her drink on, and we got a few things checked off the list of what she had to do (i.e., dance to Beyoncé, take a birthday cake shot, get a picture taken with a DC-sports fan, etc.).

Then, naturally, we continued through today to cheer on our football teams and welcome a visitor from Chicago!

It’s been a great weekend, yet again.

Hump Day Coffee Date, Tumblr?

  • I realize I’ve infested your dash with so many sweaty selfies, that I figured I’d try and counteract that with a semi-acceptable one. And, I feel like I’m having a pretty good hair day, so I wanted to document it.
  • Once again, I’ll be logging miles on the treadmill tonight - I’m not willing to risk an injury running-slash-snowshoeing in all this snow. The last time I did that, I hurt my ankle - look where that got me.
  • (It got me to the point where I can’t wear heels right now due to extreme pain.)
  • I’m looking to adult-ify my bedroom this year, starting with a bedframe/headboard combo. Do any of you brilliant decorating minds have suggestions for me? FYI, I’m not looking to break the bank.
  • I can’t seem to wear tights like an adult. Every time I wear a new pair, I rip them. Is this me? Does this happen to you? What am I doing wrong?
  • I have found that buying a can of diced tomatoes (obvs with diced jalapenos, garlic & onion)  and mixing it with pasta noodles makes for a very tasty treat. You don’t even need any extra sauce! Plus, its so much cheaper. I’ll stick with it.
  • Call me Dr. Jess, by the way. At work I’ve had ice packs and ibuprofen to assist my friend-slash-neighbor-colleague with a few minor injuries. I’ve also advised her on the 20 on/20 off rule.
  • Last night I had a dream that I was dating President Obama. I just remembered this. And there was some ordeal with a bad haircut that I got, so he hunted down the hairdresser to figure out how it happened in the first place. What a stand-up guy. Can I get a real bf like that?
  • Manhattan is really beautiful with a layer of snow covering it. I know people find it an inconvenience, but I really think it makes it feel magical around these parts.
  • Wednesday looks really good on you. I mean it.
  • Oh! One last thing: a Tumblr poll, if you will. Say littlejandthecity & I started a podcast, topic TBD (most likely about dating encounters and living in NYC)…would you be into that, AND what should we call it? Counting on you.

Today’s edition of my Coffee Date/Brain Dump is brought to you by enormous amounts of caffeine, lots and lots of oatmeal, and the very odd corners of my unique mind, directly from the desk of Jess Cole. I’m sorry for making you sit through that - I know it was a little schitz, you’re a champ.

Tumblr Alert: Look Who I Found!

And truth be told, she’s just as awesome in real life. Seriously. After heading out of work early, we had plans to meet for happy hour. So I headed downtown to Down the Hatch and got myself lost.

After finally meeting Miss J, we parked ourselves at a table, grabbed some beers and chatted away for hours. Girlfriend is awesome, and I’m never letting her go.

Food, plenty of drinks, and a new friend. What more can you ask for? But I do totally blame her for my unwillingness to leave my bed this morning - there may have been a few fireball shots on the menu.

Oh, and next week we’ve decided our fitness plans kickoff, which I’m really looking forward to. Having another person to workout with and practice some exercises on (sorry J, hope you don’t mind being my guinea pig) will be fun and motivating. THEN, we can reward ourselves back at the local bar.

Happy 4th, Tumblr!

Hump Day Coffee Date

  • I’m tired. Tired selfie. Sorry.
  • After last night’s comeback run, I’m feeling it a bit today. Not in a I-can’t-walk-and-that-was-a-setback kind of way, but today’s run might not be the 8 miles I have scheduled. We’ll see.
  • I’m really looking forward to this weekend, not just because of the obvious reasons of it being the weekend, but J and I have some romantic plans planned (read: we’re going to take it easy and just stay in together for girl’s night). 
  • Watching women in my office (and, let’s be honest - everywhere in NYC) try and speed walk in their stilettos is amusing to me. They look uncomfortable, they can’t actually speed walk, and I’m sure their feeties are yelling at them as soon as they pause and take a seat. 
  • Has anyone ever noticed how completely overpriced pasta sauce is? I’m completely shocked by this and can’t wrap my mind around it. Last night I was browsing for a new jar and saw prices range from $7 to $11! DOUBLE-DIGIT-MARINARA…it better be good.
  • Tonight I bought tickets to a free fashion show in the LES to check out something affordable to do here. But, since I’m running tonight (& it’s going to rain), I may catch the next one. 
  • Let’s make today a grand old day, deal?
  • You all look really nice today. Hump day looks good on you.
  • Maybe I’ll write a new article today. I’m just having a bit of writer’s block at the moment. It seems everything I want to write has been written. Creative juices, begin to flow!
  • Was this date as good for you as it was for me?

This has been a post.

Hump Day Coffee Date (aka Okay I’m In The Office)

  • Last night I decided to bring home my laptop in case of the SNOW EMERGENCY RAHHH, and having to WFH. That is not the case, here I am, in my office chair, after a horrible commute.
  • I cannot believe it is only Wednesday. What. Huh? This week, man, it has taken its toll. 
  • Obviously my 7 miles did not happen this morning, so I may need to hit the treadmill (again, ugh) tonight after work. However, I have plans to grab a drink with a woman from work - should that happen, it may be a tipsy treadmill run. Psyche - I’ll be smart and only have one drink.
  • Technology should really make life easier, right? That’s the whole point. At least in my opinion. However, some days, it seems that it creates more problems and stress. I’M NOT OKAY WIT DAT.
  • We were packed like sardines on my train this morning, and it had me wondering why the heat was on. I was in my sleeping bag jacket and groping the person next to me by accident, while my body overheated. Sounds pleasant, right?
  • I mentioned to my dad’s fiance that I was a bit homesick and was trying to plan a weekend to come home. Her response, ‘oh! Well your father and I are going skiing this weekend if you want to come and have the house to yourself.’ She clearly didn’t get that my 'homesickness’ was not literal. 
  • We have about three weeks until J and I head to NOLA. Thank the LORD - I need something to look forward to, other than celebrating Valentine’s Day alone, while wearing all black, probably eating pad thai in my bed.
  • I think I’m done being grumpy. 
  • My horoscope warned me about this week. 
  • Mercury is in retrograde beginning tomorrow, through the end of the month. Just FYI. 

That is all. A brain dump for you.

This has been a post.

Tuesday Coffee Date, anyone?

  • I am completely confused by this weather - yet again - seeing as it will be mid-50s all week! What? Huh? I’m confused. IT’S DECEMBER.
  • I’m still all cheery and thrilled about my nephew saying my name last week. Honestly, who knew that was all it took to make my day?
  • Well, Tumblr, you have spoken. Results show, that the majority of you think it’s a great idea (great answer, by the way, I think it is, too!). And, since I’m a shameless human being who doesn’t care about how gross and nasty I look after working out, I have absolutely nothing to lose! I think I’ll take the bait. 
  • I actually cooked dinner last night after I got home from the gym, resulting in LEFTOVERS for lunch today. I think I’m already on the winning side of this day.
  • Our cleaners in our office come every night to empty our trash bins, and they always put it back in a totally different place. It’s actually completely disorienting every morning I go to throw something away.
  • I wonder if they’re laughing at me, because they do this on purpose.
  • Yesterday, I found out that I have more vacation days left than I originally thought; how ya like them apples?
  • The countdown is ON with J - we’re heading to New Orleans for Mardi Gras this year. I’m just a LITTLE EXCITED!
  • This morning I could not care less about my hair. And I think it took a hint and wanted to play a joke back on me. Which is why I look like a Telletubbie who stuck their finger in an electrical socket today. Always looking glam, kids!
  • Marathon training starts in just three weeks. I can’t believe the time has come again. Let’s get this show on the road!
  • Is that a new shirt? You’re really rocking it today. 

G'day, my friends. I hope you have a fantastic beginning, middle, and end to this Tuesday. If not, consider looking at this for a minute. 

- From the desk of Jess Cole, NYC edition. 


Tuesday Coffee Date

  • IT SNOWED this morning. I can’t tell you how excited that made me to see the first snowfall this year. It’s like magic!
  • This morning I [somehow] got my butt out of bed to make it to a 6:30am Shred class. I have a feeling that I may be a *wee* bit sore later today/tomorrow/for the foreseeable future. I’m fine with it.
  • Last night J and I went to grab dinner, since it was a whole FOUR DAYS since we’d seen each other. To us, that’s an eternity. 
  • At said dinner, we had some creepshow chatting us up, and eventually he crossed the line. So we closed our tab, may our way home, and joined a group text with Brookie. Tumblr fraaands xo.
  • I also managed to paint my nails after having a few tasty glasses of wine, and would like to report back that I think they came out just fine. If you’re not looking at the half of my thumb nail that I clearly missed. 
  • I’ve started drinking water with lemon juice in it at work, and after yesterday, I have to say that I’m feeling pretty good. I drank more water as a result, and I felt like it helped cleanse my body a bit. And, it just tastes a little better, doesn’t it?
  • Tonight I have date #2, and we’re going ice skating in Bryant Park. This, my friends, is a date I’ve only ever dreamed of. And I feel like I’m 14 years old getting all giggly and excited about this evening. 
  • Speaking of dating, why do guys on OKC think that it’s completely normal to message someone saying, “hey, only in NYC for one night and would love to meet up and see how it ends up. let me know if you’re interested.” That’s a big, fat N-O. Seriously?
  • My cousin’s wife had her baby last weekend, so there’s another new baby in the family. Her name is Bella and I’m looking forward to meeting the little one over the holidays! My gosh, my family is growing at a rapid pace.
  • I’m thinking I’ll purchase a snuggie for work this year, because I’m already sensing that the temperature is going to be a bit extreme and I’d like to be comfortable while working. And, I mean, it’s a SNUGGIE.
  • I need way more coffee. 
  • You all look really nice today. 

Until next time, friends. Have a great Tuesday!

Coffee Date, brought to you directly from the NYC desk of Jess Cole. Always entertaining (questionable), informative (never) and completely random & odd (absolutely).