While everyone is over here talking about how Dean, Sam, and Cas are all going to keep living but I haven't seen one pose regarding Crowley. The poor King of Hell helped the boys even though his manipulative mother said that they didn't give two shits about him. Then when he helps the boys, he realizes that his mother was right but then she's off packing to leave and poor Crowley is beaten (with words) by his mother and I just feel really bad for little demon because he DESERVES TO BE LOVED!!!
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for the film essay, here are a few tips; pick the one you enjoy most, it'll be easier to write about. No idea is a stupid idea, as long as you can prove it. It all depends on the type of essay you're writing; if you have to write about a theme, or comment on the making of the film, ie camera techniques or prop symbolism. If you go for Brighton Rock, I can give you loads and loads of notes, if you want, because I've studied it for my Higher English class. Hope at least some of this will help :)

also, i can probably provide a bit of info on the themes and cultural backgrounds for “Trainspotting”, because I live in Edinburgh, where the novel/film is based on :3

Oh yea, I for sure need to enjoy it because I’m gonna have to watch it multiple times probably. This is like the biggest essay of the semester soo yea. Thank you though! I’m gonna write down your URL on my little notebook thing so if I need insight on something I remember you. I can write about literally anything, as long as I am analyzing some part of the movie. Because I’m me I’ll probably end up going for some subtle social issue symbolism thing in whatever movie I do uwu



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