littlebubblehead replied to your post: Oh hey 12 of my friends are going on a roadtrip
Seriously, dude. I’m just guessing who this is about (does she share a name with our friend’s girlfriend?) but you just gotta shout at her! Be like BAM! Take that! And grow up already!

That would be SO great. If there’s a time when I won’t have to deal with any aftermath, then I may do it…

P.s. I’m up and it’s 5:40am

littlebubblehead replied to your post: I need this. Premonition are actually using the... that is actually SO beautiful.

I NEED it.

But it’s $150… And I would probably only wear it as a top. But I would wear it ALL THE TIME.

Totally gonna casually mention to my boss what an odd coincidence it is that I found a great dress by the brand we’ve got a contra deal with and maybe, just maybe, she’ll pull some strings.

littlebubblehead said: OH HER. Is she important??

Her face is like everywhere! (told you you’d recognize her!) she does lots of interviews and stuff. I’d say she’s totally more exciting than Sam Harris!

She was definitely like the queen bee yesterday. Knew everyone, did 4 looks when some of the others only did like 2. But she’s super nice and down to Earth and stuff.

littlebubblehead said: Mel, it’s all about connections. I honestly don’t think you need to even have a degree. If you think the people you’ll meet at this place can really help you, just go for it.

Lol I’m not doing a degree! But connections is the whole point of internships. I know I can get a studio job or probably even assisting work but I don’t want to put all my eggs in one basket and realize in a year I really want to do PR or something. Even if I end up in another studio job (I do love studio work!) if I do some internships first it’ll be miles easier to get into something else. Miles!

(That and I’ve spent $5,000 on this course, I’d like to feel like I used it haha)

littlebubblehead replied to your post: Life would actually be easier if I wanted to be a designer.
Why not apply for both now? That way if you don’t get it, you won’t miss out on photography!

Well you need to interview for the fashion institute. And photography has actually already started and is a bit complicated because I’d need to chat about how many modules I have to do and all that because of the correspondence course I did. And I want to do the fashion course first because it’s less specific.

But I totally found some correspondence colleges for like diploma in styling and stuff. So we’ll see!

littlebubblehead replied to your post: littlebubblehead replied to your post: Oh hey 12…
Hey, look! You worked out replying! Woo! Well yeah. None of you seem to really like her, so maybe if you give her a good talking to, it’ll finally get through to her. Also, I’m awake at 11.30. Haha

Copy and paste baby.

Tumbling from Nimbin oooh yeah!